Avon’s Refreshing Anew Aqua Youth Skin Care Range for 20+

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The human body is comprised primarily of water, but our exposure to environmental factors inhibits our ability to retain water. For our skin to maintain its natural balance, you have to keep rehydrating it daily. So it’s no surprise that Avon’s new Anew Aqua Youth range, jam packed with the goodness of H2O is helping to repair the state of your skin specifically targeting the younger skin.

Dehydration shows itself on to skin by the way of fine, dry lines. Adequate rehydration is all it takes to reduce those lines, making you appear visible younger. With your skin healthy and hydrated, you will be left with a natural dewy glow.

The range includes a cleanser (RRP $24.99) which is lightweight and, creamy and gentle. It adds an extra dosage of hydration to your skin, rather than stripping away the essential oils.

For day wear, the moisturising day cream (RRP $49.99) contains SPF 15. This protects against the harsh, dehydrating effects of the sun, and helps the skin retain the moisture that it needs.

The night gel cream (RRP $49.99) has a refreshing, lightweight gel formula. This helps to lock in moisture as you sleep, repairing your skin from the inside out leaving it plumped and hydrated.

Finally, for the added moisture boost where you need it most, the eye cream (RRP $39.99) is lightweight and refreshing, It instantly reduces the appearance of dry and tired lines.

A special, introductory 3 piece gift set can be purchases for $49.99. It includes the eye cream, cleanser and night cream.

The Anew Aqua Youth Range can be bought only through an Avon Representative, to locate your nearest representative call 1800 646 000. And to learn more about the new Anew Aqua Youth Skin Care, visit the dedicated website.

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