We Self Tan, Spritz, & Boost Our Skin With New Product Releases From Clarins

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For years, Clarins have been at the forefront of classic beauty products. They have just released a number of exciting new products that will have your summer ready in a flash and we’ve got the lowdown on them for you.

We wanted to start off with our highlight product, celebrating 25 years, Clarins have released a Limited Edition Eau Dynamisante fragrance (100mL RRP$65) that comes in a very sparkly red bottle.  Created back in 1987 – this scent was my first purchase not in 1987 but not far from it, some time in the 90’s – and spritzing it on just takes me back in time to those innocent carefree days of not knowing what life held in-store and the days of no celebrity fragrances, just fragrances from the big beauty brands, remember White Linen from Estee Lauder? Another young first purchase!

Eau Dynamisante is a unisex scent and can be worn in any season all year round, it’s freshness is so uplifting.  All of the essential oils that contribute to Eau Dynamisante’s fragrance have been proven to have effective treatment benefits on the skin. For added skin care benefits, Clarins included non-fragrant plant extracts such as Aloe, Ginseng and Harpagophytum to Eau Dynamisante‘s truly unique formula.

Available from October 18th.

Another favourite of ours, is the lightweight loose mineral powder; Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation (RRP$60). The formula is soft, and provides the perfect amount of light coverage. On summer days, when all you want is a lightweight product, this is perfect. With added light optimising pigments to minimise the appearance of wrinks and fine lines and leave your face with a soft, natural pearlescent glow, and extracts of white tea to protect against the affects of pollution. We weren’t a fan of the brush that comes with the foundation – it was too heavy and didn’t distribute the powder evenly on the brush. However, when applied with a different brush we got the results we wanted. Available now in six shades (107- Beige, 108 – Sand, 109 – Wheat, 110 – Honey, 112 – Amber and 114 – Cappuccino).

The Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-Drain Serum (RRP $95) is a soft, lightweight product that encourages the release of fats that have caused heavy facial features. It uses baccharin to define your facial contures and stimulates your blood and lymphatic circulation to detoxify and lighten your skin. Added horse chestnut reduces puffiness, while blue button flower reduces trapped fat beneath the skin’s surface, leaving you with a more defined and contoured face. The formula is very lightweight and quick to dry – the only downside is the strange, almost herbal scent of the product, but it’s not unpleasant, and it disappears quite quickly. Despite all these claims, it is not believed that any of the ingredients will have any affect on the appearance of slackened skin and having alcohol as the second ingredient can cause irritations to most skin types.

The Defining Eyelift (RRP $65) is designed to reduce the appearance of heavy lidded eyes, by draining and accentuating the natural contours of your eyes. The serum has a lightweight and cool formula, though it does take quite some time to dry. Once it has dried it has an immediate effect – making your eyes appear more open and luminous. The oat sugars tighten the skin on your eyes, gently pulling the eyelid up to appear more awake. The combination of caffeine and dextran sulphate helps to remove excess lipids and stimulate the removal of excess water in the tissue that accumulates through lying down, stress or heat.

Available now.

With summer so close, protecting your skin from the sun’s damage is incredibly important. Clarins have just relaunched their sun care range, in a new look packaging that lets you develop a even tan while preserving your skin’s health.
The range includes Sunscreen Control for Face in both SPF 15 and 30 (RRP $35). They’re a lightweight, gentle cream that protects against exposure to both UVA and UVB rays. The SPF 15 product also contains phyto-sunactyl 2, a complex made to promote an even, healthy tan.

There is also a Sunscreen Care Cream in SPF 30 (RRP $35). This formula is for both face and body – perfectly water resistant and lightweight enough to not clog your pores, it both soothes the skin and protects it from the harsh effects of prolonged exposure to the sun.

Sunscreen Care Oil Free Lotion Spray (RRP $35) has a moderate protection with built in SPF 15. It is the lightest of all the products and settles onto the skin evenly while promoting a natural looking, healthy tan. You are still protected against by UVS and UVB rays as well as the drying effects of the sun.

Available now.

Get your summer glow on with Clarins Self-Tanning Trio (RRP $45), the easy way to fake that bronzed look in three steps in one handy little cosmetic purse!

Step One: The Smoothing Body Scrub For A New Skin, using bamboo powders and natural plant extracts to rehydrate and resurface skin. Using the scrub regularly will leave your skin satiny soft and prepared to absorb an even tan.

Step Two: Achieve bronzed skin with the Delicious Self Tanning Cream – with its heady cocoa scent and enriched with aloe vera it glides onto the skin for easy application. Within a few hours a pretty, natural golden glow will develop. Added Cocoa Butter helps to prevent skin damage and hydrates from within to boost your natural radiance.

Step Three: With your golden tan, you’ll want to bear a little more skin. The High Definition Body Lift helps to eliminate cellulite and slows down the expansion of fatty tissue. Like most cellulite products, this one gets a whipping over at Beautypedia, cellulite is natural and we just have to accept it as a part of us, especially as we get older.

Available now.

All Clarins products are available from leading department stores, pharmacies, retail specialists, for your nearest stockist call 02-9663 4277.

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