Clearing Up Acne with Clean & Clear Advantage and Papulex

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Acne. No one likes to talk about it, but nearly everyone has suffered from it at one point or another in their lives. It is an issue that causes angst and distress among so many people., especially teenagers and young adults. Studies show that 85% of people aged 15-24, and a similar number of woman into their 30s and 40s suffer from breakouts and blemishes.

Clean & Clear have been a bathroom staple for many women since their high school days. Their new Advantage Range promises to banish even the most stubborn blemishes. Combining salicylic acid to an oil-free formula, it is designed to get deep into your pores to both diminish and prevent blemishes, leaving your skin clean, clear and beautiful.

The range includes the Advantage Pimple Control Cleanser (RRP $12.99). The thick gel foams up just the right amount and washes off easily. The botanical formula makes the product smell so good. I loved that it didn’t make my skin tight or itchy. So many cleansers leave my sensitive skin feeling “squeaky clean”. The cleanser in this range left us feeling clean and refreshed, but without drying us out.

There is also the Advantage Clearing Gel (RRP $9.29), a powerful spot treatment that packs a punch with a dose of salicylic acid. I find that many spot treatments are too drying and make our skin flaky, but this one produced visible results overnight, without burning my skin.  Perfect to pop on before bed to wake up with clear, happy skin.

The range also includes a Blackhead Clearing Scrub (RRP $10.99). The beads will break down dirt, oil and skin cells clogging your pores. It promises to clean out your pores to prevent the appearance of more blackheads. I found this particular scrub too harsh for the recommended daily use – the beads left my skin feeling rather raw. But I loved the sensation of a deep clean that it gave me – perfect for a weekly treatment for radiant skin.

Alternatively, these products can be purchased as a kit. The Advantage Pimple Control Kit (RRP $19.99) contains an easy to use, 4 step kit to keep your skin super clear. The kit contains a bottle of the gel cleanser, the clearing gel, a moisturiser and a toner. We love that it is an easy, all-inclusive routine and it’s super effective.

I tried these products for five weeks and were so pleasantly surprised with the results. Not too harsh or drying on my notoriously picky and sensitive skin, even stubborn blemishes were visibly smaller within the first week. By the end of the third week my skin was looking clearer and better than it had since high school.  This range is definitely worth a try.

Papulex has skyrocketed in Europe to become one of their most popular and trusted over the counter treatment for acne. Now launching in Australia, they have released their specially formulated range using a combination of Nicotinamide (a derivation of Vitamin B3), Zinc (a well known natural soother of acne) and an antibacterial goodness to help calm, control and clear angry skin.

Rather than stripping the skin of moisture, this range is mild and soothing. The Moussant Cleansing Gel (RRP $28.25) is a lovely gentle cleanser. We love that it is soap free but still gets deep into the skin to help prevent future breakouts. The gel contains extra moisturising agents that soothe and refresh your skin. After trying the cleanser for a few weeks, I was quite surprised with the results. Unlike the Clean & Clear products, the cleanser left my skin feeling hydrated and soft.  The product is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skins. Don’t except miracle overnight results though – while the cleanser prevented any new breakouts from forming, it did nothing to soothe the existing ones.

The Oil-Free Cream (RRP $28.25) reduces skin blemishes and controls oil. We love the added mattifying agents to help your skin stay oil free all day long. I loved this moisturiser – lightweight and cool, it was a perfect day cream to keep my skin matte and soft. It’s entirely unscented, which makes it gentle of allergies and sensitive skin.

While the Papulex range did not provide overnight miracles, I found it delightful and refreshing. Perfect for mornings, when you only need a gentle cleanse to refresh and reinvigorate your skin.

It’s clear that there’s an endless range of solutions for stubborn blemishes. Depending on your skin type and concerns, there’s a product available for everyone.


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