Book Review: Lunchbox Solutions, Therese Kerr, Chef Kate and Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani

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Eating healthy on the go can be such a challenge, but now an incredible new digital book could save your lunchbox woes. And when we say incredible, we mean incredible!

Lunchbox Solutions is the brainchild of Therese Kerr, Chef Kate and Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani, three amazing women who are incredibly passionate about living well and to the fullest and sharing their passion and knowledge with as many people as they can. The book provides effortless and quick ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle that will work for your whole family.

The digital book technology is so cool. The book is divided into chapters, which can be flicked through with ease. Finding exactly what you’re looking for has never been easier. Zoom through pages of recipes with a slide of your finger and search the glossary for individual ingredients. And for those of us left floundering in the kitchen, the book includes awesome interactive elements – step by step cooking guides, instructional videos and even pop-out nutritional information to keep you informed and in practice.

The book is broken down into 9 core chapters. The first 5 chapters set out practical and straightforward ways to begin incorporating healthy foods into children’s diets. They discuss common concerns of time and cost and provide easy solutions to assist busy families. They also delve into the impact of food on both growing and adult bodies and the connection between refined foods and diseases. And at the back, there’s a massive glossary to help you navigate the world of clean living.

The book includes a fantastic chapter on how to encourage children to be excited about healthy living. With tips like “monkey see, monkey do”, allowing for indulgences and practical, step-by-step methods to prepare enough food for the week ahead, it will be no difficulty incorporating it into your busy life.

Of course the most important element of the book is the recipes themselves. The recipes aren’t just for kids – everyone will find easy to prepare, and super portable options for their lunches on the go. The recipes each include personal insights from the authors about the nutrition, taste and ease of the recipes. In an ordinary book this may have gotten too lengthy and cumbersome, but the digital format makes it easy to flick to the recipe of your choice. From healthful and portable wraps, nutrient packed salads and simple, make-ahead quiches, eating healthy on the run has never been easier.

Some of top health tips from this book:

  1. Become a food critic – do your research and be more aware of what ingredients you are consuming
  2. Bring life into your kitchen – purchase fresh and natural foods
  3. Turn whites into browns – lose the refined foods and swap them for healthier alternatives
  4. Listen to your body’s innate wisdom – nourish yourself and your body will heal itself.

The book is definitely worth the buy for anyone looking for a way to begin a healthier, cleaner lifestyle.

For more information on Lunchbox Solutions visit,, to purchase your copy. And as an aside, you can get check out other healthy recipes on Therese’s website and Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics Blog and remember your health should be at the top of your To Do list, and the key is educating yourself through research to find what works best for you.

And we can let you in on a secret, there’s a new book coming out soon, so keep an eye out!

Make sure you check out Sam’s favourite recipe from the book, it’s called “LA Confidential Nut Bar”, Miranda’s favourite healthy sweet treat … you can get the recipe here, seriously you will love it!

And just as a side note … as most of you are aware, Sam (creator of Sassi Sam) is blessed to be friends with Therese Kerr, this review could be seen as being a bit bias, and that’s why she got me to write the review and all of my comments above are without bias, I truly loved the book and what it has to offer and believe that you would too.

Here’s to Happy Healthy Living!


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