Bond No. 9’s New York Musk Fragrance

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Bond No. 9 has over 60 scents and coming up to the festive season they are taking the face of fragrance in a whole new direction with the release of their latest fragrance; New York Musk, an alpha perfume for New York.

Just like the city itself, the fragrance is packed with spirit – sophisticated, elegant and always ahead of the curve. New York Musk is a unisex scent that uses musk derived from a nocturnal male musk deer. The scent long considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac and has a unique interchangeable quality. Musk evokes different scents on the wearer and adds warmth and sensuality to any fragrance.

With top notes of Grapefruit Flower and Blackcurrant, the New York Musk fragrance opens with the fresh and modern grace of New York City.  Settling into softer, muted notes of osmanthus flower, lilies and spicy nutmeg, the fragrance has a powerful and driven heart. Finally, the fragrances falls into the sultrier notes of musk, patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver. Smoky and sexy, this is the true soul of New York.

New York Musk is part of the New York Notes Series of fragrances that have been created for their many customers who are fragrance connoisseurs. In this collection, they name each scent for its key ingredient, in order to explore and expand the blending possibilities. First came New York Oud, followed by New York Amber and now New York Musk.  Each bottle, has its own translucent gemstone color, for NY Musk emerald green represents vitality and hope; and more importantly and appropriately, it’s the sacred stone of the goddess Venus.

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