Book Review: Summerland, Elin Hilderbrand

| 6 November , 2012 | Reply

High School graduation is supposed to be a joyous time, especially on a tiny island like Nantucket where everyone knows everyone. But on this tragic night in June, Penny crashes her car, killing herself and leaving her twin brother Hobson in a coma.

Her boyfriend Jake and best friend Demeter escape injury, but how do you move on from something like that?

Jake’s family, who themselves had experienced the tragic and sudden death of their baby son and brother, decide to move to Australia hoping the memories will fade with distance.

Demeter spirals down a path of self-destruction, knowing that she alone holds the key to why Penny crashed the car, but also that she can’t tell anyone.

It’s not just the teenagers on the island who have a lot to deal with. The adults are faced with their share of heartbreak, betrayal, and self-discovery, just like their children.

Questioning the nature of life and love, nobody escapes the summer unchanged.

Summerland is a brilliant novel that explores the cause and effect nature of a car crash. It looks at the nature of heartbreak, and whether we can ever truly overcome a tragedy.

With alternating character perspectives between the chapters, we get to experience the complete story. We get to feel Demeters pain and guilt. Understand Jake’s heartbreak. Experience Zoe’s confusion and devastation. We get to go inside of the heads of the characters and almost become a part of the story.

Summerland is extremely well written, and keeps you guessing until the secrets and twists are finally revealed.

Some parts are a little clichéd, but overall, it’s a great read that I had trouble putting down. Definitely one to take to the beach this summer.

Available now: Hachette RRP$29.99


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