Book Review: The Time Keeper, Mitch Albom

| 9 November , 2012 | Reply

Over time (pardon the pun), Mitch Albom has made us laugh, cry and question our very existence. We have enjoyed his previous novels so much; it’s no surprise we were itching to get our hands on The Time Keeper.

The book is a fable, based on Dor, a man who grew up in Ancient Babylon. He is obsessed with tracking the passage of time, and is the first to invent an instrument that allows him to calculate hours as they pass.

Dor becomes so concerned with measuring time; he becomes in-attentative until his beloved wife dies. As punishment for his obsession with time, the gods select him to be Father Time and banish him to a solitary cave. From his cave, Dor spends thousands of years, listening to the pain and torment that the world suffered from, by watching their time pass.

The book slips between Dor’s fable and the present day, where we meet two characters who will come to learn the value of time. Victor, dying of cancer is looking into cryonics, seeking more and more time. Sarah, a teenage girl, is downtrodden and bullied, and is now contemplating suicide. Dor is sent to help them truly appreciate the time they have been given.

Beyond the fable, the book is a fantastic read. Easy to digest and filled with fantastic lines, it really makes you think. More than once I put the book down, just to stop and contemplate my own priorities and how I allocate time in my life.

The book is only short, and I guarantee you won’t be able to put it down. Perfect for reading in one sitting, and reading later to truly enjoy all the rich messages.

Available now: Hatchette RRP$29.99


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