We’re Spellbound By L’Occitane’s Marvellous Flowers & Magical Leaves Limited Edition Christmas Collections

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Christmas time always brings a whole host of exciting new limited edition products and one of our favourite brands, L’Occitane, have cast their festive spell over us with their two new fragrant collections; Marvellous Flowers and Magical Leaves.

First, let’s get lost in the story legend of how the fragrance collections came about … why? Because it’s Christmas and we love being spellbound by magical stories:

In Provence, the mythical Fragrance Merchant is known as a magician of sorts thanks to his wondrous fragrance creations. Our legend takes place in December, on a cold winter’s night, when the fragrance Merchant joins his peers for the winter solstice celebrations. Their meeting point is on the edge of the forest, and the young man is the first to arrive.  Suddenly, his eyes are drawn to a ray of light and he steps into the thick  undergrowth of the forest to find where it comes from. Little does he realise that with every step he takes, a trail of spring flowers blossoms in his wake.

The dead leaves begin to turn green and nature starts to breathe life again. Suddenly, he spots a wild, thousand-year-old olive tree bathed in light amidst the oak trees. The Fragrance Merchant reaches for a gilded wooden wand lying at the  foot of the tree but as he grasps it, the wand slips out of his hands and lodges into the trunk of the tree. Within moments, the tree is covered with young green shoots, releasing the scents of verbena and hazel. Soon the branches are enveloped  in garlands of fragrant pink flowers. The legend of the perfumed forest spreads to the four corners of the world, telling folk everywhere of two new fragrant accords: Marvellous Flowers and Magical Leaves.

The Marvellous Flowers Collection is a bright, sweet and feminine collection, combining the fresh scents of flower and fruit. Evoking the scent of spring flowers – roses and peonies bursting into full bloom, enhanced by the sweetness of red berries.

The range includes the sweet and feminine Eau De Toilette (RRP $60). It combines the floral scent of Marvellous Flowers and adds a brilliant sharp freshness with notes of pink grapefruit as well as the sensual fragrance of musk. Also available in a Roll-On (RRP $30).

The Shimmering Oil (RRP $39) can be used on both the hair and the skin, the dry-oil texture transforms everything it touches with it’s nourishing powers, leaving you with a naturally luminous and deliciously fragrant. The greatest part is the vintage inspired, multi-facted glass bottle which will look lovely on your bathroom counter.

The Body Cream (RRP $59) is a rich, smooth cream perfect for indulging after a long bath. It’s light enough that it sinks easily into the skin, leaving it scrumptiously scented and soft.

The Hand Cream (RRP $12) lives up to L’Occitane’s fantastic hand cream ranges. With the shea butter enriched formula, it is a heavy cream that smooths and softens the skin of your overworked hands.

The Shower Gel (RRP $28) is an incredibly fragrant product that lathers into a rich creamy foam. Prepare to be transported away during your moment of luxury.  Also available in a Perfumed Soap Bar (RRP $5).

The Magical Leaves Fragrance is a delightful, universal scent that mixes the fresh scents of verbena, hazel, citrus and vanilla to create a harmonious, invigorating and delightfully neutral scent. This scent was our favourite of the two, with it’s fresh, earthy scent that had us dancing under the trees with the summer breeze dancing over our skin.

This range includes an Eau De Toilette (RRP $25), a luscious hand cream (RRP $12) as well a perfumed soap (RRP $5).

Look out for the lightweight, nourishing Body Milk (RRP $39) and the indulgent Exfoliating Shower Gel (RRP $28). The Shower Gel is packed with finely ground hazelnut shells, and combined with the creamy, foaming gel, it leaves the skin soft, refreshed and lightly scented.

Become spellbound too … Marvellous Flowers and Magical Leaves are limited edition collections and are available nationally in L’Occitane stores now or online at L’Occitane’s website.

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