Isla Fisher is a J’Aton Christmas Beauty for InStyle Australia’s December 2012 Issue

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Bachelorette star Isla Fisher is InStyle Magazine’s December 2012 cover girl and what a refreshing change of a cover star she is.  Wearing J’Aton Couture as photographed by Troyt Coburn and styled by Katherine Green, inside Isla talks about her charmed life, movies, style, family (daughters Olive (5) and Elula (2) and husband comedian Sacha Baron Cohen) and being Australian.

Playing “Crazy Women” in movies:  “I played a bipolar nymphomaniac in Wedding Crashers and now I’m playing a coke whore. I’m just trying to make my dad proud [laughs]. Truthfully, I’ve always enjoyed playing characters that are unusual people. There’s a bunch of actors who can play normal people better than I can. I enjoy it more when I can play someone who exists in a heightened reality, someone a little more wild.”

Social Life: “I would say I stay in more than I go out. In London we go out a lot more. I like to cook and entertain but I’m finding it increasingly harder to do so on a bigger scale because there’s a lot going on. I do have a brand new Viking oven that is amazing; it cooks everything perfectly. I try to make simple food that I love. I always circle back to my Donna Hay [recipes]; she’s a legend. And I’m into Ottelenghi: The Cookbook. It’s by two amazing chefs, one’s Palestinian and one’s Israeli, and they make sublime Middle Eastern dishes.”

Living back in Australia: “Anything is possible. I love going home. My stepbrother Connor, who I’m very close to, his wife and their daughter live in Sydney. I try and get over as much as I can. Right now my career is here, but I also spend half my time in London. It’s great to be in Europe since my dad lives in Germany these days, and my mum and brothers are in Greece.”

The Great Gatsby“I can only say that I remember seeing Romeo and Juliet when I was 16 and thinking if I could work with Baz Luhrmann, I would die happy. I know it sounds like a cliché but it really was a dream come true and you could hardly wipe the smile from my face on set for the entire time. To be in Baz’s world—he’s such a visual genius and an incredibly unique storyteller—was an utter privilege.”

“I was breast-feeding at the time, so I definitely carried some surplus flesh [laughs]. I did gain some weight for the role, to be honest. I hopefully stayed as true to the book as I could. The Great Gatsby is one of those extraordinary books that changes in meaning when you read it at different stages of your life. I’ve probably read it 10 times, and each time I’ve connected with different characters.”

The December 2012 issue is on newsstands today, visit InStyle magazine’s website for more.

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