Now You Can Cook Desserts Adriano Zumbo Style at Home, Quickly & Easily

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Taking on the monumental task of baking can seem near impossible for many of us. Barely mastering the basic chocolate-chip cookie, the concept of the delicate and mouthwatering desserts shown on television seem like a far-off dream.
Adriano Zumbo, one of Sydney’s most celebrated pâtissiers, and beloved celebrity chef, is making the feat entirely doable.

Famed for his macarons and croquembouche, he is now introducing at home dessert mix packs which will make whipping together an impressive and delicious treat a breeze.  Inspired by his own creations, and the way patrons of his Balmain patisserie flocked to try new flavours, Zumbo wanted inject the fun and joy he felt for baking, back into the kitchen for everyone.

The range includes some of Zumbo’s most famous desserts; salted caramel or passionfruit macarons, rich and decadent band the ultimate chocolate brownie. They can be whipped up from home needing only a little butter, water and time to create.

Unlike your standard supermarket cake mix, Zumbo has designed a range that will improve your kitchen skills, while still creating a delightful treat. The kits come with everything you need – even piping bags to create the most perfect macarons.

The boxes also include QR codes, which once scanned provide you with ‘Zumbo’s Tips’ – expert videos and guidelines to help you build the perfect dessert.

Zumbo hasn’t made these foolproof – baking macarons still takes patience and skill, but with his step-by-step instructions, you’ll be on your way to conquering the kitchen (and how to make his macaron tower!)

We baked the Ultimate Brownie – decadent and filled with oversized chocolate chunks, it was super easy to make. These desserts are best baked for a crowd – you’ll have difficulty getting through the rich, indulgent treat on your own.  We turned the brownie into a 90th birthday treat for my Grandmother who celebrated the day at her Nursing Home, it went down a treat even though I didn’t pay attention to the instructions for fan forced ovens and turn it down 20 degrees and ended up with crispy sides!

Available now from all leading supermarkets for RRP$7.79 for more you can visit Adriano Zumbo’s website including the how to video’s:

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