Film Review: Two Little Boys

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Directed by: Robert Sarkies
Written by: Duncan Sarkies, Robert Sarkies
Starring: Bret McKenzie, Hamish Blake, Maaka Pohatu
Sassi’s Star Rating: 3.5/5

A peculiar tale of mateship, jealousy, and a dead Norwegian backpacker.

Nige (Bret McKenzie) isn’t the brightest Kiwi on the island. Luckily, his mate Deano has been looking out for him since they were kids. Now in their thirties, Nige is finding their bond of mateship a bit suffocating, but Deano (Hamish Blake) is determined not to let their friendship dissolve.

When an unfortunate chain of events ends in Nige killing a backpacker, Deano is determined to get Nige out of trouble. The only problem is, Deano isn’t a particularly sane person.

The two travel down a dark path as they try to cover Nige’s tracks. They end up in a remote area of New Zealand with Nige’s new friend Gav (Maaka Pohatu). It looks like Nige may escape trouble with the law, but Deano’s jealousy of Gav fuels even further trouble.

Strange, dark, crude, and humorous, Two Little Boys is an odd jumble of genres that somehow works.

By pulling apart two duo comedians, one from Hamish and Andy and one from Flight of the Conchords, there was potential for a jostling case of each comedian battling to get the joke in. Fortunately in this case, the two complement each other.

Bret McKenzie commented on the change from working on Flight of the Conchords to working with Hamish Blake. ‘I was surprised about how easy it was  . . . I guess because we’re used to working with duos we’re used to the rhythms of that . . . working with Hamish Blake has been hilarious.’

Hamish had similar comments on working with McKenzie. ‘Working with Bret has been a real treat . . . I was a fan of Bret before I met him and before I started working on the film and I’m a much bigger fan now. It’s been awesome.’

The easygoing character of Gav further compliments the team. Maaka Pohatu portrays Nige’s gentle, nature-loving friend. Pohatu loved the opportunity to work with the comedy duo, and the close up encounters with New Zealand’s local wildlife. Hamish had a few comments about the wildlife as well. On a scene where he had to yell at a wild sea lion he said, ‘That got a little bit hairy because I was quite close to the sea lion and I could see the look in its eye its going – ‘don’t muck around here mate cause I live at the beach and I know how to fight on the beach.’ And I kind of thought they weren’t that fast-but they’re quick.’

All together Two Little Boys is a unique comedy/drama/story about obsession that will keep you laughing and thinking well after the credits roll.

Help Hamish Blake ineptly dispose of a body in Two Little Boys.  In cinemas now.


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