Book Review: White Ninja, Tiffiny Hall

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Roxy Ran is a Gate Two outcast. Bullied and tormented, she is forbidden to enter school via the ‘cool’ gate, Gate One. That is until Jackson Axe arrives at school and enlists her help to find The White Warrior and the Tiger Scrolls.

Jackson introduces Roxy to the world of Taekwondo and shows her how to harness the ninja powers that lay inside of her. During their lessons, she discovers The White Warrior is hunted by both the ninja and samurai clans, and to protect him Roxy and Jackson must work together to find the scrolls before the samurai do.

White Ninja by Tiffiny Hall is the first book in the Roxy Ran series. It covers the themes of bulling and confidence, also touching on the different kinds of relationships in thirteen-year-old Roxy’s life; her friendship with Cinnamon, the arrival of a new boy, an old enemy and a good dose of sibling rivalry.

Walking to school can be nerve-racking enough without having a mum who conducts ‘surprise’ attacks to test your defence skills…

Roxy’s family are quirky, yet modern with their clean living ideals, organic foods and ‘colour therapy’. Her mother is a retired ninja, who occasionally disappears for mysterious lengths of time, while Roxy and her sister are left in the care of Art, a successful artist and her mother’s partner.

Elecktra, Roxy’s older sister, comes across as a typical self-absorbed teen, whose concerns revolve around boys, Facebook and creating the next best outfit; from her first week at the school she has been Gate One material and refuses to acknowledge Roxy as a sibling.

While her sister may hold a fleeting interest, there is a something more complex and relatable about Roxy that will appeal to teens of all ages; the ones who know what it’s like to belong to the Gate Two crowd. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and let’s face it—it’s a heck of a lot more fascinating! (Especially when it gives you super ninja powers.)

White Ninja is a story of transformation and finding an inner strength; Hall presents readers with a strong voice in the form of Roxy Ran as she discovers the hidden stealth of ninjas.

Available now: HarperCollins RRP$11.99


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