Book Review: Everyday Weight Loss, Bite Size Bits of Inspiration, Michelle Bridges

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The lead up to bikini season always brings the inevitable onslaught of worries and insecurities. Whether you’re trying to shed a few kilos, or get back that extra spring in your step, keeping your health in balance can seem like an overwhelming challenge. There’s so much information available, and making massive, sudden changes overnight can cause you get off track time and time again.

Michelle Bridges is taking the complexity out of controlling your weight. Her new book Everyday Weight Loss is the ultimate guidebook for any person looking to lose or maintain their weight. She offers snappy, fresh advice in the form of bite sized pieces that make staying healthy seem like a far less daunting task.

Her advice is entirely doable, small changes which over time and all together will put create massive and visible change. Her tips are not just for weight-loss but for general vitality too that range from nutritional advice to motivational cheerleading. Some of her tips include:

  • At a cellular level, our bodies undergo change immediately after any exercise or food choices – either good or bad.
  • A kiwifruit contains more than your day’s recommended dose of vitamin C. Keep the skin on to get the most nutrients.

The book is by no means a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to weight loss. But her book is a far less daunting option for those taking their first steps in a weight loss journey.  Michelle provides solid tips for general health, and by incorporating even a few into your every day life, you will begin to see changes.

Available now: Penguin RRP$12.99 as well as an e-book from, apple iBookstore, Google e-books, Kobo, ReadCloud and Book.ish.


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