Book Review: The Shoemaker’s Wife, Adriana Trigiani

| 21 November , 2012 | Reply

Every now and then a book comes along and sweeps you right off your feet, and straight into it’s rich world. The Shoemaker’s Wife, the latest offering by Adriana Trigiani is one of those books.

Spanning across decades and continents, The Shoemaker’s Wife tells the epic love story of Ciro and Enza. They meet as teenagers on the rolling countryside of the Italian Alps in the 1920s. Sparks fly and they are set to spend their lives together, but tragedy tears them apart as Ciro is shipped to New York City.

Ciro begins an apprenticeship with a local shoemaker, while unbeknownst to him, Enza moves to America to earn money to support her suffering family. They begin to build separate lives in America, until fate intervenes and their paths cross again.

But the timing isn’t right – Ciro has volunteered to serve as a soldier in the first World War. He is shipped off to France, and Enza, certain she will never see him again, forges ahead with her life.

The book follows the story of the pair, as fate pulls them towards one another before pushing them apart once again, in the most heartbreaking way.

The book does move a little slowly, but the richly written and beautifully descriptive language will be sure to capture you from the first page. Watching Ciro and Enza dance around one another is both frustrating and enchanting, keeping you turning pages to see if this time, they’ll finally be together.

It’s a real tearjerker, and by the time you finish the last page, you’ll immediately want to revisit the romantic world of Ciro and Enza.

Available now: Simon & Schuster RRP$29.99


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