Book Review: Cityglitter, Carla Caruso

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Christelle is your average receptionist on the outside – obsessed with fashion, gossip, and celebrities. And celebrity fashion and gossip. But in Carla Caruso’s novel Cityglitter, things are not quite what they seem. For one thing, Christelle is obsessed with fine white powder – not the stuff you think, but sugar. Because Christelle is a fairy. Well, half anyway.

In an idea that is so hilarious that it is almost believable, Christelle is part of a hidden subculture of fairies – the kind with wings – in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. These “Cityglitters” go to regular visits with their fairy therapist who clips their wings (think Brazilian, for the shoulders) and serves flower tea. They can’t get enough of sugar and have to have regular check ups with the Tooth Fairy. Their only weaknesses are a tendency to wear pink with everything and the fact that dogs tend to go barking mad whenever they are around. And their favourite bar? The Green Room where they are served absinthe – and presumably occasionally get visits from a fairy of the green kind?

In a typical romantic-comedy plot, Christelle is unadvisedly attracted to her all-human boss Jasper, and sinister actions hint at hidden undercurrents in the cityglitter arena, but there isn’t anything a Fairy Godmother couldn’t solve in a wave of her wand. Until a spanner in the works arrives in the form of Christelle’s kid sister Trixie who tumbles into town without even dusting off the glitter. Trixie manages to track down her and Christelle’s human father in an attempt to find out the truth of why he left their mother, while Christelle would be just as happy to leave the past alone.

There is not much that is serious about this novel – it’s a fun, lighthearted read that will suit a beachside villa, amidst cocktails with umbrellas (pink, of course). And you might just cast a second glance at those well-dressed, fashionable young ladies about town – is there a telltale flash of pink?

Available now: Penguin E-Book RRP$4.99


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