DIY Manicure at Home With The Gelish Mini – How Did We Go?

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Every woman knows the pain of slavishly devoting time to a DIY manicure and watching it flake off or chip in mere days. We turn to manicurists for gel manicures and enjoy gorgeous glossy nails for weeks on end, while we watch our bank accounts drop at the costly exercise. There was never a good compromise.

Now, you can achieve a professional quality gel manicure in the comfort of your own home. The Gelish mini provides a cost-effective solution to that gorgeous glossy finish that promises to not chip for three weeks. You can have your manicure done in under 30 minutes, and be on your way out the door with chip-free nails.

That’s not to say it’s without it’s costs – setting up your at-home gel manicure is the first step. You’ll need a curing light to begin with. Gelish have two available – the more powerful Pro Led Curing Light (RRP $59.95), which will set your  nails in 45 seconds or the UV Handheld Light (RRP $29.95), which, while perfect for compact travel, will set your nails in 2 minutes.

Once you’ve purchased the system, you’ll also need a Basix Kit (RRP $39.95). Containing over $80 worth of products, it contains all the things you’ll need to get you manicure started:
•    pH Bond
•    Foundation
•    Top It Off
•    Nourish
•    Cleanser
•    Artificial Nail Remover

Then, you can begin shopping for that perfect gel colour. The Gelish system requires the use of special gel polishes (RRP $19.95) which come in a gorgeous range of 72 colours.

Once you’re all set up, the manicure is the easy part:
1.    Shape your nails and lightly buff the surface of the nail plate with the buffing stuck
2.    Sanitise and prep nails using the pH bond
3.    Apply thin coat of Foundation and cure
4.    Apply the Colour Gel of your choice and cure
5.    Apply a thin coat of Top it Off top coat and cure

The process takes a little getting used to, and you can be almost certain your first attempt won’t be perfect. But the results are gorgeous. Our nails were glossy and bright, as if we’d just stepped out of a salon, and they lasted through multiple dish washings and jar openings, completely chip free.

Keep in mind though, it is a bit time consuming, and for time-pressed gals, setting aside half an hour for a manicure may be impossible. But setting aside the time for a long-lasting manicure is the perfect way to pamper yourself at the end of the week.

If you’re already investing in gel manicures, this system is a great cost effective alternative. The results are salon quality, and worth the little extra time.

Available from Hairhouse Warehouse and Price Attack.


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