Kiehl’s Get Earthy with Their New Aromatic Blend Fragrance & Body Collection

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Kiehl’s pride themselves on giving the world high quality, luxurious products and have so since 1851. Now they are taking you on a sensorial trip around the world with their new fragrance and body collection, Aromatic Blends, with promises to sweep you through the countryside of Provence, the deserts of Morocco, the jungles of Uganda and tranquil gardens in Japan.

Kiehls have a rich history of blending fragrances to create unique and enchanting scents. Today, they take as much pride in their socially responsible philosophies. They source their ingredients from farms that provide ongoing support to their local communities, and use techniques that allow them to recreate the scents of ingredients without destroying vegetation.

Each of the aroma blends contains three different products – a sensual fragrance (RRP $75), silicone-free body lotion (RRP $38) and a luxurious foaming body cleanser (RRP $30).

The first aroma blend in the collection is Fig Leaf and Sage. To create this scent, Kiehls found a perfumer who grew up in the rolling countryside of Provence. He drew on his memories to capture the essence of the beautiful area and hopes that the fragrance will evoke memories in every wearer. The fragrance’s earthy tones are so fresh and unusual – perfect for someone looking for a refreshing summery fragrance.

Vanilla and Cedarwood represents Kiehl’s sustainable sourcing practices and their relationship with Ugandan communities. While sourcing ingredients for this fragrance, Kiehl’s helped to institute social change across 6500 vanilla farms, and now dedicate themselves to cultivating high quality vanilla. Embodying the untouched jungles of Uganda, the fragrance blends smoky vanilla with the warmth of cedarwood. We love that this scent goes beyond your standard vanilla perfume, and blends the cedarwood to create a delightfully mature and refined fragrance.

The Orange Flower and Lychee fragrance sweeps the wearer to a warm afternoon in a mystical Moroccan garden. The scent combines fragrant and warm Bitter Orange, a tree native to Morocco, with the tropical juiciness of Lychee. This scent is for the girly-girl at heart – sugary sweet and ultra feminine, it captures the heart of playfulness.

The final scent, Nashi Blossom and Pink Grapefruit is the result of love and labour. The Nashi Blossom was too delicate to undergo processing, so Kiehl’s created innovative technology to obtain the scent. Nashi Pear trees bloom in many of the traditional Japanese gardens, and add a fresh femininity to the fragrance. This is balanced by the sharp, refreshing tang of Pink Grapefruit. This fragrance is by far our favourite – the soft sweetness of the Nashi Blossom is perfectly balanced with the refreshing, tart scent of grapefruit, creating a fragrance that’s almost good enough to eat.

Available now from Kiehl’s counters or visit Kiehl’s website:

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