DVD Review: SMASH, Season One

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Written/Created by: Theresa Rebeck
Starring: Debra Messing, Jack Davenport, Katharine McPhee, Christian Borle, Megan Hilty, Anjelica Huston, Uma Thurman
Sassi’s Star Rating: 5/5

Smash is the adult’s Glee! I had been waiting for this to come out for so long and was completely happy with the outcome. It ticks every box and whatever Glee missed, this Gleek was happy to see played out on Smash’s broadway stage via a cast of wonderful actors! Julia (Messing) and Tom (Borle) are two writers who have had some hits in the past on Broadway and they’re looking to create their next smash hit. It’s fraught with drama on Broadway though, who knew? In fact, you could say that there’s more drama behind the scenes than on the big stage. First, they have an idea and it’s a great one – the life story of Marilyn Monroe – just beautiful.

Every big show needs cash, so picking a Producer is the next step, enter Eillen Rand (Huston), the money! After breaking with her producer husband, she is desperate to make an impact in the industry on her own terms which comes with it’s own difficulties trying to get investors.

After the songs are written and the script is getting a workover, then the Director Derek (Davenport) who is a bit of a diva himself comes on board to work his magic. He encompasses everything that is Hollywood from the indecent proposals to the dummy spits on set. He does have a rare talent and knows how to get the best from his actors, so he’s here to stay.

Where this really heats up is when the girls get their claws out in a bid to win the coveted role of Marilyn. Karen (McPhee) and Ivy (Hilty) are in the running and will pull out every trick in the book to get that role. Ivy has an advantage being a known in the industry but Karen has something innocent and untouched that everyone loves. What transpires is a wonderful mix of song and dance entwined in a gripping story that has left me wanting more every time!

Just when you think you know who is going to land the part, a new actress enters the melodrama and it’s back to the beginning for all. In an unusual twist, Uma Thurman, enters our living rooms via our regular TV viewing a far cry from her Quentin Tarantino flaunt. She is fabulous and shows amazing versatility and a songstress we may not have known about.

Not surprisingly, many of the stars in this hit have actually performed on Broadway in musicals and their talent is obvious. Everything from Wicked to Spamalot with brilliant reviews and awards also.

The songs are beautiful and made me want the soundtrack immediately. It’s also lovely to see the story of Marilyn – you could say it’s a play within a play and I am it’s favourite audience member. I can’t wait for Season II but am prepared to go back through Season I and do it all again. Join me!

It’s a definite SMASH! Stars aren’t born, they’re made!

Available on DVD now RRP$44.95


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