We Chat to Sarah Silverman, John C Reilly & Rich Moore About Wreck It Ralph

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A giant blue hedgehog strutted down a red carpet on George Street. No, we weren’t delirious from a sugar rush, we were on the red carpet for the premiere of Disney’s new animated feature, Wreck-it Ralph.

Cutouts of characters Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) posed beside lollipop trees and giant cupcakes, as fog rolled along the excited feet of Sonic the Hedgehog and kids ecstatic to see this arcade-inspired film.

While we were excited about the movie too, we were more thrilled to see Sarah Silverman, John C. Reilly, director Rich Moore, and producer Clark Spencer.

Sarah Silverman arrived in a gorgeous black dress that she bragged (rightly so) that she bought for seventy dollars online. When someone asked how she likes Australia she said (again rightly so), that she loves it.

She took a sip of water after having some chocolate, before she came toward me.

Sarah: Sorry, I forgot chocolate gets all over.

Allison: (I laugh) No, you’re good. How are you?

Sarah: (smiles) I’m well. How are you?

Allison: Good thanks. So, your material usually throws what’s politically correct out the window. Was it hard to tone it down for Disney?

Sarah: (smiles) No, it was easy. I mean, you know, it’s scripted and you know it’s for children and even when we improvise – I mean – there’s definitely some kind of audio blooper reel in there that would not be G-rated between John and I (we laugh).

Sarah: But we had so much fun. I mean, that’s one side of me and that’s the stuff I write and talk about and that I’m interested in, but I’m also obsessed with babies and little puppies. You know, I understand what children’s programming is, I wasn’t trying to swear at anything (laughs). You look at Eddie Murphy and when I was a kid he was the dirtiest guy around and now he’s the donkey from Shrek so . . .

Allison: Good point. Your character Vanellope is an outcast in the film, but she struggles to prove herself. Is she someone that, as a child, would have inspired you?

Sarah: Very much, and I really relate to her because she’s got this glitch and the girls tease her and they don’t let her play along. She’s ashamed of it, you know? She’s tough, but she’s tough because she is protecting this hurt little girl who’s believing what people are saying deep down. I think that’s what people do, and I hope that girls and boys watch this and realize that, this thing that maybe they’re very ashamed of in life, can be their super power.

Allison: That’s fantastic.

Sarah: Sorry I went on and on.

Allison: No, that’s a great message, thank you.

Unfortunately Sarah had to continue down the carpet, but John C. Reilly was right behind her so we were more than happy to ask him some questions.

John: Hi Allison, how are you?

Allison: Good thanks. Are you enjoying your time in Australia?

John: So far, I’ve only been here a few hours (smiles).

Allison: Your character Ralph spends his entire existence inside an arcade. Did you spend much time (growing up) in one?

John: I did. I was the first generation of video game players and you couldn’t play them in your house, you had to go to the local convenience store or the arcade. So, yeah, I spent a lot of money, a lot of spare change. My parents must have been wondering what was happening, like around 1978/79. All of a sudden if they left any change anywhere it was, gone. Quarters became suddenly a very valuable commodity, thanks to Space Invaders, and Pac-Man.

Allison: And how was it working with the cast?

John: It was great, Sarah’s one of the funniest people out there right now. The cool thing about Sarah is she’s actually quite a good dramatic actress too, and you can see that in the film. Our relationship in the film is sort of the emotional part of the movie. And then Jack McBrayer and I knew each other from Talladega Nights, and other films. And Jane Lynch and I worked together before, so, I had a good comfort level with the other actors and we had a lot of fun.

Allison: Well, you did a great job and it was hilarious. I loved the video game references.

John: Cool.

Allison: Have a great time and I hope you enjoy the rest of your hours in Australia.

John: (laughs) Thanks a lot.

Director Rich Moore (Futurama, The Simpsons) and producer Clark Spencer (Bolt, Lilo & Stitch) stopped by and there was one thing I had to ask them.

Allison: Are you fans of arcade games?

They looked at each other and laughed.

Rich: Yeah, I would say, yes.

Allison: I’d say you should be for this one (we laugh). I heard Disney had been thinking about a movie involving game characters for quite some time. What made this the right time for it?

Rich: Well, I would say video games in general have been around a long time now, about forty years. So that’s a long history in the grand scheme of things. I think we’re at the point where kids know what video games are, people in their sixties know what video games are, so I think it cuts across a broad spectrum of audience with what the subject matter’s all about. I think it’s just something that’s getable by the audiences.

Allison: You have a great group of comedians working together. Did they fight for the punch line, or did they help each other out?

Rich: Well we would always start with the script and then we would go in to record.  We did things a little differently, where we didn’t just record one actor at a time. I would have John with Sarah recording at the same time so they could look into each other’s eyes and could really act against one another. And we would do a couple of takes that were recorded as on page, but then we would stop and say, ‘Well how can this be better? How can this be funnier? How can we get the point of the scene to be stronger?’ And we worked as a team with the actors and our writer and our head of story to really get the scene together as best as we could.

Allison: Do you guys have a favorite arcade character?

Rich and Clark: (look at each other and say in tandem) Pac-Man  . . .  gotta be Pac-Man.

Allison: I loved that he was in there and that Clyde ran the Bad Guys meeting – it was hilarious (it’s a great scene in the film). Do you have your next project in mind or are you going to take a break for a while?

Rich: It would be great to work with these characters again and these people again and we really loved working with this group, but really, I haven’t had time to think (we laugh).

Allison: Fair enough, you’ve earned some time to rest.

Rich: Please, you know, (laughs) we’re just trying to get to the subway.

Allison: (I laugh and snap my fingers) Come on, I want your ten-year plan (they laugh). Fair enough. Thanks very much, it’s a great film, and as a video game fan I really enjoyed it.

They said their thanks and moved toward the screening (and hopefully some well-deserved R&R).

Wreck-it Ralph hits the cinemas Boxing Day (our review will be released that week) but whether or not you’re a video game fan, you’ll love the smart humor, hilarious cast, and lovable characters in Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph.


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