Naomi Watts is a Modern Luxury “Manhattan” Cover Girl

| 5 December , 2012 | Reply

Naomi Watts is a “Force of Nature” for Manhattan Magazine’s latest issue as photographed by Warwick Saint and styled by Jeananne Williams wearing a black & white Oscar de la Renta dress.

Inside they talk about Naomi’s five films being released in one year; The Impossible, Sunlight Jr., Two Mothers, Movie 43 and Diana with Naomi sharing:

On playing Princess Diana in her upcoming film, Diana: “Playing Princess Diana was the hardest thing I’ve done…I wanted to try to embody her and get the essence of her. The film concentrates on [Diana’s] love affair with a Pakistani heart surgeon, which I didn’t even know about. That love story ended sadly.”

On being queen of the remake and playing historical characters: “There is nothing new out there.”

On why she never married partner, Liev Schreiber: “Marriage? It feels like, why fix it if it ain’t broke?”

Living in New York and being ‘normal’: “I love going to parks, scootering, bike rides… Liev bought this crazy bike that can fit three people. When we do the school run, often he’ll take both kids and I’ll ride my bike.”

You can check out the magazine and read the full interview at Mahattan Magazine’s website.

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