DVD Review: GCB (AKA Good Christian Belles or B!@$%*S if You Please)

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Created by:  Robert Harling
Starring: Leslie Bibb, Jennifer Aspen, Annie Potts, Marisol Nichols, Kristen Chenoweth, Eric Winter, Miriam Shore
Sassi’s Star Rating:  4/5

This comedy drama held much intrigue when the ads first appeared on TV.  What did GCB stand for?  Many were guessing and if you’ve had a chance to catch this fabulously funny show, you would now know that it stands for Good Christian Bitches!  Blasphemy!  If you’ve been wanting a bit of Melrose Place mixed in with your Desperate Housewives, then this is what you’re looking for.  It’s the classic story of a mean girl that left this small town in Dallas, only to return in total disgrace to her former roots.  Amanda Vaughn (Bibb) been living the life of a famous wife with her two kids and her husband until tragedy strikes and she’s left a penniless widow.  Her only option is to move back in with good old mum Gigi Stopper, played by the wonderfully talented Annie Potts!

Naturally this transition has its drawbacks and apparently a few strings attached.  Whilst Gigi is happy to welcome her daughter and grandchildren into the home, she does insist that they attend church as a family every Sunday.  This immediately causes a stir as Amanda’s old rivals come out of the woodwork to marvel at her destruction and pick up the pitchforks to create more buzz.  What ensues is a devastating realisation for our former mean girl discovering just how awful she was back in the day.

It’s a lesson in karma as her old gal pals are hell bent on ensuring that this transition back home is NOT an easy one.  Of course, this is all done under the guise of good christianity and a higher purpose, but beneath the fake smiles, the expressionless botoxed foreheads and the vengeful eyes, Amanda knows she’s in trouble.  Her first pursuits to try to reconnect and bury the so called hatchet are futile as the bridges of trust have been burnt down long ago.  Even though she longs to have their genuine friendship, they are wary of her newfound ‘goodness’.  Perhaps they were all a little like that all along?  Jury’s out on this and you have to keep watching to find out.

Within days of arriving she has been reported in the town as cheating with a friend’s husband, she’s discovered that one of her school friends is now gay and has got a questionable job that has the town talking.  And that’s just what they talk about in Church – in the homily of all things!  Her relationship with her children is struggling under the pressure and she has to fight everyday to clear her bad name.

What ensues is a plot full of nasty but funny surprises for all and some scheming that often goes awry!

Love thy neighbour, but boy can she be a bit of a bitch!

GCB The complete first series is available now on DVD RRP$69.95.


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