Movie Review: Pitch Perfect

| 6 December , 2012 | 1 Reply

Directed by: Jason Moore
Starring: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Skylar Astin
Sassi’s Star Rating: 3/5

The beginning of new girl power comedy Pitch Perfect is spew. Like literally projectile vomit.

Barden College’s female only A Capella group faces a humiliating defeat at the collegiate finals when their uptight soloist Aubrey (Anna Camp) blows chunks all over the audience during their competition piece. The laughing stock of their campus, the Barden Bellas can’t exactly execute a coup d’état without any one willing to join their group. The once prestigious group are forced to lower their standards (to no standards at all) in order to get enough members to forge a comeback. They’re letting just about anyone in – and that incudes Beca (Anna Kendrick).

Kendrick leans on her Tony nominated roots for the role of Beca – the angst ridden, too cool for school alt kid DJ with the golden pipes. Falling into the Barden Bellas by circumstance, Beca is their most reluctant member. Her eagerness to experiment and break the mould don’t make her fast friends with the group’s conservative leader Aubrey. Neither does her growing flirtation with the fun loving Jesse (Skylar Astin), a member of the groups arch rivals – male A Capella group The Treble Makers.

This band of misfits has a log way to go before they can make it to the top; and that is if they can ever make it there with outdated pop tunes and saccharine choreography.

Kendrick is charming in the role of Beca, but the one you won’t be able to walk away without talking about is Aussie Rebel Wilson, who is at her riotous best in this flick. Playing Fat Amy (self titled) Rebel steals every scene with some sensational ad lib and the perfect timing we have come to love her for. Having garnered some well deserved attention in the states all signs point to this comedienne riding this wave of recognition to well deserved success.

Produced by Elizabeth Banks – who very smartly bought the rights to the non fiction book of the same name – this feel good flick is full of enough self effacing laughs to keep a non-Glee audience happy.  A blend of performance and action keeps the pace rolling (though there was room for more signing!). A curious story arc emerges with Brit Freddie Stroma and then fades away before it eventuates. Me thinks something good was clumsily cut out here! Yet despite its faults (and stereotypes) Pitch Perfect is a whole lot of fun which is guaranteed to have you dancing in your seats.

A feel good chick flick with some solid tunes and a great cast: Pitch Perfect is in cinemas now.

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  1. cheri says:

    This was definitely a good chick flick. I thought it was very cute and funny. I loved Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy. I think she did an amazing job and so did the other cast member. I had a co-worker from DISH tell me to watch this movie, because she knows how much I like Rebel Wilson. I would definitely suggest this movie to anyone that wants a little laugh.

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