Bond No 9 Limited Edition Holiday Fragrances Are Too Covetable & Very Sparkly

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Almost every woman would confess to having perfume and jewels on their wishlist. As the epitome of luxury, we all love a little indulgence in our lives. While diamonds may be dreaming a little too high this Christmas, Bond No. 9 have released a number of gem-studded fragrances, that will please even the pickiest jewel-lover.

Bond No. 9 recognise the similarities between perfumes and jewel – both extravagant and designed to be worn, they are both status symbols and enhance the allure of the wearer. The Christmas collection jazzes up some of Bond No. 9’s best sellers as well as one exclusive new fragrance, so they are the perfect gift for the fragrance aficionado.

A-Perfect-5 Crystalline Gems – a quintet of quintessential miniature Bond No. 9 fragrances. Recommended for the girl who’s caught the travel bug. RRP $195USD.

A Colour-Rich Trio of Brilliant-Cut Superstars – includes Scent of Peace, Chelsea Flowers and Central Park West, three of the most sought after fragrances. Adorned in Swarovski stones, that will add a little sparkle to your bathroom counter. RRP $375USD.

Central Park West When It Shimmers – a 100ml limited edition bottle of the gardenia rich fragrances, rendered with 2,500 Swarovski gems. A perfect gift for the ultimate diva who loves a little shimmer. RRP $580USD.

A Treasure Chest of Perfect Jewels – Stashed securely in the top drawer of a bi-level jewel box is a 50 ml Swarovski gem-encrusted bottle of the Scent of Peace, its dove and curlicue design delicately traced with Swarovski stones.  Down below are two miniature flacons containing Madison Square Park and Central Park West, covered all over in Swarovski gems.  RRP$425 USD.

Emerald Shooting Stars – For all those collectors and connoisseurs who fell in love with last year’s exquisite, richly textured clear-diamond superstar bottle studded with crystals, the good news is:  they’ve done it again—only this time with a network of emerald stars.  The scent?  The brand new New York Musk.  Consider this bottle just the second in our growing Shooting Stars series.  RRP$1,000 USD.

And finally The Glittering Gardenia Fountain – every holiday season Bond No 9 introduce a new edition of their 42-ounce spigoted fountain, topped with an elliptical mirror and a honeycomb cap at its base.  This year, they filled the fountain of plenty with Central Park West.  (Yes, this fountain isn’t in the park—it’s been relocated to the grand-manner residential promenade just across the way.)  And they covered its entire surface with 15,000 glittering Swarovski stones, turning the scent’s signature oversize houndstooth pattern into a stunning, larger-than-life abstract design—with the Bond No. 9 token displayed front and center.  RRP $5,500 USD.

If the bottles weren’t enough, each set comes packed in decadent velvet jewel boxes that will look beautiful under your Christmas tree.

Yep they’re not cheap but who said limited edition sparkly fragrances ever would be … oh so very covetable they are!

Available now online at and yes they ship to Australia!

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