Film Review: Love Is All You Need

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Directed by: Susanne Bier
Written by: Anders Thomas Jensen, Susanne Bier
Starring:  Pierce Brosnan, Trine Dyrholm, Molly Blixt Egelind, Sebastian Jessen, Kim Bodnia,
Sassi’s Star Rating: 3.5/5

In a few days, Ida is leaving Denmark to attend her daughter’s wedding in Italy. It would be a wonderful event to look forward to, except that Ida (Trine Dyrholm) is recovering from breast cancer, she just found her husband cheating on her, and her son is off to war.

Understandably out of sorts, Ida, ever resilient, heads to the airport on her own, where she bumps into her daughter’s soon to be father-in-law, Philip.

Short-tempered, cold, and rude, Philip (Pierce Brosnan) has become a bitter man after the death of his wife. He travels to the Italian villa with Ida, who is unimpressed with his attitude. At one point she asks how he gets anyone to work for him since he’s so mean, and he simply replies, ‘I pay them well.’

Once at the villa Ida is greeted by her daughter Astrid (Molly Blixt Egelind) and soon to be son-in-law Patrick (Sebastian Jessen). The town is stunning, the grounds are beautiful, and it looks to be an amazing wedding, until a boatload of drama arrives at the dock.

This Danish film, directed by Susanne Bier, has a great ensemble of characters. From the crazy Aunt to the whiny teenager, Love Is All You Need, encompasses all the baggage infused ambiance you’d expect at a wedding.

Set for a large part in Italy, the scenery is enough to take your breath away. At 116 minutes it is a long film, and although it explores a wealth of emotions, this largely subtitled movie could have been a bit shorter.

While Pierce Brosnan’s acting is good (he is after all, Pierce Brosnan), Trine Dyrholm will win your hearts as a woman with more strength than she knows, struggling, and succeeding to find the beauty in her post-cancer life.

Head to Italy with Ida for a drama-infused wedding. Love Is All You Need, in cinemas now.


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