Book Review: The Laughing Clowns, William McInnes

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Following on from “A Man’s got to Have a Hobby”;” Laughing Clowns” by William McInnes is a very easy, enjoyable read. Thoroughly Australian with a few phrases that will have non Aussies racing for an Australian dictionary it has a seamless, flowing plot that evolves effortlessly.

The character of Peter Kennedy has some similarity to the Doctor in the BBC TV production “Kingdom”, where events happen around him that fail to penetrate his myopic thinking. In Peter Kennedy’s case it takes a seismic series of events to bring him rocketing head-first not only to the present day but also to acquire an awareness of events around him.

His preoccupation with food and his own thoughts often preclude him from interacting with family, friends, business associates and the world in general.

The story is based in the fictional town of Pickersgill, supposedly near The Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay, an area where the author actually grew up and later moved back to…

Peter Kennedy is a Melbourne based architect, (he doesn’t design anymore, just consults or “conceptualises” as he puts it) who grew up in Pickersgill and has an assignment to research the potential for development of the local Pickersgill showground.

McInnes’s gifts in writing are again well displayed in his humorous description of characters. The early love interest, Lisa Sykes’s father (a Police Sargent)  is described as speaking as if English was his second language, which was odd because it was the only language he spoke.

You will not be greeted by gratuitous slabs of descriptive scene setting or pages on pages discussing the pattern of the wallpaper that appear in some published works. You will enjoy “The laughing Clowns” if you like Australian stories and relishing in our unique culture, it would make a perfect gift for Dad, Father-in-Law or male relative.

If you get the soft cover version you get a bonus short story for summer reading…What more could you ask for?

It’s a great read and McInnes has shown the publishing world, yet again his true talents.

Available now: Hachette, RRP$32.99


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