BB Creams, CC Creams, DD Creams? We’ve Got the Lowdown & The Round Up!

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From humble beginnings as a post-surgery skin remedy, to the most talked about beauty product of the year, BB creams have well and truly established themselves on the Australian market. BB creams, first known as Blemish Balm Creams, are an all-in-one product designed to improve skin tone and regenerate skin cells. The creams usually include high SPF, skin brightening properties to reduce visible scarring, anti-acne and anti-ageing ingredients, pore minimizing products and a foundation-like coverage. The first BB cream originated in Germany was created by Dr. Christine Shammek in 1968, for post-laser surgery patients. They were designed to help heal, soothe, provide coverage and regenerate skin cells. Dr. Shammek brought the cream to Korea and the creams took off from there with celebrity endorsement.

And now everyone’s starting to talk about CC Creams, does that mean we’re going to see DD Creams too? If so, goodness me what are they going to do for us?  Anyway, we thought we’d highlight some of our favourite BB Creams and give you a low down on the new CC Creams that are sure to hit our shores very soon.

CC standing for Colour or Complexion Correction or Control. It basically means that it does the same as what a BB cream says it does, but features a lot of better active ingredients than the BB cream. The major difference is the results, CC cream makes your skin look more radiant and blends in very naturally and gives a nice, radiant finish is much more nourishing. Chanel have just launched a CC cream in China and Olay has just released Total Effects 7 in One CC Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer in the US. (WWD)

But back to BB Creams … not all BB creams are created equal.  Some are jam-packed with benefits, others have few, if any. Traditional Asian BB creams come in only one or two shades, making it difficult for women outside of those tones to match the product to their skin. Also the creams vary in consistency and coverage, making it difficult to choose the right one for you.

To help with the choice, we tried some of the market leaders in both Australia and Korea.

Many of the Korean brands contain different properties to the readily available, supermarket options. However, don’t despair, are making Korean BB creams readily available to the Australian market which means they might be the first company to bring us the CC Creams into Australia so keep a look out as they have a huge range and regularly update their range.

Skin79 is the most popular brand on the website with a vast range of products to choose from. The BB Creams, the Gold Label and Hot Pink Super Plus, sell for $39.00 and have lovely, light coverage. They are difficult to colour matches for darker skin tones, but for fair women, these are a lovely choice. The site also includes alternative options to the standard cream – the All Day Sun Powder (RRP $32.00) is a sheer, lightweight powder that provides SPF coverage and luminous skin. For the busy woman on the go, the Perfect Pact BB is a cute, pink compact that contains a sheer, radiant powder that leaves the skin touchably soft (RRP $32.00).

From the range of Skin79 products we tried, our clear favourite was the Skin79 White Reviving Skin Radiance Sun Block. It is a sheer, light cream that blends smoothly into the skin without any stickiness that we have come to expect from sunscreens. On application it immediately brightens and refreshes the skin, so you look bright and radiant. RRP $17.80, this was a favourite product of ours check it out here and for all the Skin79 you can check them out here.

As for BB Creams available a little closer to home, we tried the following brands that you can find just about anywhere, even your local supermarket.

Biotherm White D-Tox BB Cream: This BB cream comes in a variety of tones, rather than shades to allow for different skin tones to be corrected. The cream is quite thick and a little bit goes a long way. The coverage is quite heavy, but still light enough to look incredibly natural. Perfect for soft, radiant skin. RRP $49.00 30ml

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector: This is our all time favourite BB Cream. Lightweight and smooth, it applies easily and spreads evenly After application, skin looks healthy and radiant. The coverage provided by this cream is quite light, but blemishes are still covered and skin looks gorgeous. Also now available in an Oil-Free formula.  RRP $13.95

L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream: This one was definitely a favourite. It comes out of the bottle as a lightweight, white cream, but as you blend it into your skin, it quickly takes on a lovely, light colour that adapts to your skin tone. It’s quite sheer, but has a decent amount of coverage. It feels super hydrating on the skin. Available in 2 shades. RRP $26.95.

Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35: This cream errs closer on the side of foundation with a thicker, creamier consistency than many of the other BB Creams. It’s packed with added antioxidants to help repair the skin as you wear it. This is the perfect cream for people looking for a greater coverage and longer lasting wear. Available in 5 shades. RRP$60.

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream (SPF 35): Like the Bobbi Brown cream, this cream sits a little heavier on the skin, providing instant hydration. Added pearl pigments give an boost to your skin’s natural radiance and the formula helps to inhibit the production of oil, without leaving your face chalky and matte. RRP $54.95.

L’Oreal Reviitalift Total Repair BB Cream: A BB Cream with anti-aging properties is a dream come true for many women. Designed to mask, and repair the signs of aging while still retaining that natural, youthful glow. The formula is quite light but it still maintains great coverage. It blends into the skin easily and leaves the skin soft and rehydrated. RRP $39.95

Illamasqua Skin Base:  This formula is a little heavier than many of the others, but blended in smoothly and provided excellent coverage. It’s also multi-functional: use it as a primer, concealer or a light and fresh foundation to enhance your natural features. It’s also available in 18 different shades, making it so easy to find one to make your skin.  RRP $41.00

Dior Hydra Life BB Crème: With a brand like Dior, it’s not hard to imagine that this cream would be the ultimate in luxury. It promotes skin-evening properties and pigmentation correcting ingredients. It has much greater coverage and provides more of a boost than the average BB cream. The result is fresh, glowy skin, but it’s up to you whether you want to splurge. RRP $85.

There are so many options out there, making it easy to hop on board with the new trend. With so many different creams, with varying properties, prices, benefits and coverage, it’s quite easy to find one that is perfect for you even the Korean brand iFiona CC Cream, we just love the packaging!

Don’t forget to visit if you want to try the Korean BB Creams.

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