Easy Cheesemaking At Home with Mad Millie DIY Kits

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While we love the convenience of grocery stores, there’s something so great about preparing food with your own two hands. While once it was always done this way, making simple foods like yoghurt, cheese and jam have fallen by the wayside in favour of the grab-and-go supermarket options. Now Mad Millie have released some great kits to make preparing your own food a breeze.

The Beginner’s Italian Cheesemaking Kit (RRP $40) contains everything you could need to make some of your favourite cheeses. Whip up mozzarella, ricotta and mascarpone in under an hour, all you need is milk.

The Preserving Kit (RRP $169) is perfect for creating your own delicious jams, jellies, pickles and chutneys. Perfect for the family who has fruit trees and never knows what to do with all the fruit – the kit comes with all the tools you’ll need plus a handy recipe book to set you on your way.

The Specialty Cheese Kit (RRP $135) allows you to create some of the finer cheeses – camembert, double cream brie, blue vein and French Neufchatel with only a bottle of milk.

If cheese and jam is just too laid back, Mad Millie also have kits for the boys. The Copper Tun Starter Brewery (RRP $80) contains everything you need to start brewing beers in time for the cricket to start. You’ll be able to make a wide variety of beers from Gold Lager to Irish Stout to Pear Cider.

The Icon Liqueurs Kit (RRP $5-10) contains a wide range of liqueur bases and essences. Just add vodka (or any spirit of your choice) and you’ll be moments away from delicious Butterscotch Schnapps, Black Raspberry Royale or Chocolate Mint liqueur.

With a wide range of options, making your own food couldn’t be simple. Enjoy the cheeses in any number of recipes: the humble mac and cheese, mascarpone pancakes, or even served with crackers to blow your friends away.

We’ve run out of time to give these a whirl, but we’ll be writing a post on our thoughts on using the Beginner’s Italian Cheesemaking kit in the new year, so stay posted.

Also look out for Artisan’s One Day Cheese Kit (RRP $17), Fresh Cheese Complete Kit (RRP $64.90), Hard Cheese Kit (RRP $169) and Probiotic Yoghurt Kit (RRP $22).

Available now online from www.madmillie.com/au … great Chrissy presents.


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