Experiencing the Ella Baché Face to Face Online Skin Consultation and Diagnosis Service

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Ella Baché champions better skin for all through Australia’s first face-to-face online skin diagnosis service and I experienced it today. It was incredibly easy to use, so so easy.  You can book a time that’s convenient to you or just wait in line online for a consultant to become free.

But let’s rewind and start at the beginning …

Ella Baché is a family owned business created by Madame Baché in Paris in 1936 and has over 40 years of educational skin care experience. Ella Baché has the philosophy “no two skins are alike” so that’s why they introduced individual Skin Diagnosis and tailored Solution recommendations via the latest diagnostic tools at their counters and in-store sometime ago.

And the latest diagnosis tool they are now offering is their face-to-face online skin diagnosis service which is perfect for everyone because they fit around your time schedule and being the time poor consumer that we are today, you can have a chat about your skin care concerns, get recommended products for your skin type and order it all online after the call!  Oh did I tell you the service is complimentary?

So how does it work?

It’s pretty simple, you just go to their Skin Love website: www.skinlove.com.au and login either with an email address or via your facebook account.  You then fill in a simple survey about your skin type and any skin concerns you may have. You can then book your appointment or wait for an open slot and a qualified Ella Baché skin Therapist appears on your screen.  You just need to have a webcam and away you go – on the screen it also tells you how many people are in front of you and how long you have to wait which is very handy if you choose that option.

I had Rosaline and our call lasted 10 minutes, we chatted through my skin type and concerns and she made some product recommendations and how to use them. Once the call finished Rosaline sent through a confirmation email with all the details of our call including her product recommendations and a bonus two additional complimentary products for me if I purchased two or more products from the recommended list. And I don’t have to do it now, I have 30 days to make my purchase.  BTW: my complimentary products included; Gommage Délicat (a gentle gel exfoliant rich in rose bud extracts) and an Eye & Lip Cleanser.

You are provided with a Skin Love profile that can be accessed online at skinlove.com.au at anytime and includes all the information discussed during the consultation, along with a personalised skin care routine, product recommendations, and skincare tips videos.

What I enjoyed about the process was that I could fit it around my schedule, it was really quick and easy – yes it’s not the same as going in-store – but when you know your skin and just need some advice and product recommendations, this is a perfect service. And you can talk to the therapist just as you would in-store and Rosaline was able to recommend some products that were similar to what I already use and know are best for my skin, ie. cleanser was a milk/cream which is my preferred use of cleanser as opposed to foaming. I also learnt a new tip on how to help with the dark circles under my eyes and that is to massage the area with a very soft exfoliator as it will help with circulation in the delicate area.

Ella Baché Skin Love is a complimentary service that’s open to everyone around Australia. And of course, if you want to go in-store for a diagnostic evaluation you can do that too but I recommend giving this a go first, that’s the convenience of doing things online!

To find your nearest Ella Baché counter or store, visit the Ella Baché website: www.ellabache.com.au.

I was paid for this story but all words are my own, the client didn’t review this before it went live and Rosaline didn’t know I was being paid to review her service.  I genuinely found it to be a positive and helpful experience and hope that you will too.

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