Book Review: Destined to Play, Indigo Bloome

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Destined to Play is the first title in a steamy erotica trilogy by Australian author, Indigo Bloome (pseudonym). The story begins with a normal family setting, a mother, also a psychologist, Dr. Alexandra Blake is making preparations for her family’s getaway into the wilderness and her own trip to Sydney where she’s delivering a lecture on visual stimulation and its impact on the development of perception. She’s quite on edge not because she’s terrified of doing the lecture but because she’s also part of a rendezvous with her best friend and ex-lover Dr. Jeremy Quinn.

The meeting happening after many years fills Alexandra’s mind with thoughts of Jeremy and flashbacks of their time together at University. When she finally arrives at the penthouse, he presents her with an intriguing offer with two conditions; spend 48 hours with him, sightless and no questions about what he’s planning to do.

With blind trust in Jeremy whose body seems to be the incarnate of a Greek God, she agrees but seems unable to stop asking questions. Over 48 hours, Jeremy subjects Alexandra to a set of different experiences – ranging from skydiving blind, to taking a ride on a motorbike and finally a scientific experiment complete with whipping and leather harnesses.

Jeremy seems determined to push Alexandra into discovering herself sexually, the root of which is a thesis she wrote in college. All through the experiences, Alex struggles to correlate her identities as a professional, wife, mother and sex magnet to Jeremy and questions just how far she is willing to go.

The way Alexandra describes the experiment is both clinical and emotional as she finds herself pushed to new heights sexually in front of strangers with all senses temporarily removed except for touch. All in the name of science,the aim of the experiment is to formulate a drug to combat depression in females by exploring the neurological connections during orgasms.

This book bears a few similarities to Fifty Shades of Grey, the main similarity being that of the genre; erotica. The male protagonist, Jeremy is the male in control with Alexandra reduced to being submissive and mute. A big plus point in this book is the structure of the story doesn’t leave you wanting to reach for that red pen. If Fifty Shades of Grey appealed to you then this most definitely will be your cup of tea.

Available now: HarperCollins RRP$15.99


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