Add Volume to Hair with Aveda’s New Ayuredic Inspired Hair Care Range “Invati”

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Sometimes, if you’re looking for a solution, going back to basics is the best way to go. And Aveda have done this by tapping into ancient Ayurvedic practices to restore life and vitality to thinning and lifeless hair with their new Invati Hair Care range.

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old healing tradition that traces its roots back to India. With their new Invati line, Aveda have accessed into this technology to create a complex blend of herbs such as turmeric and ginseng to energize the scalp and revitalize thinning hair. Perfect for people experiencing signs of aging such as loss of volume or density or a tight and dry scalp.

The Invati exfoliating Shampoo (RRP $49.95) removes the build-up of product residue and oil that hinders the growth of lustrous hair. Containing naturally derived salicylic acid, millet seed and a blend of Ayurvedic herbs to cleanse and refresh your scalp.

The Invati Thickening Conditioner (RRP $49.95) promises to penetrate deep into the hair shaft to restore strength and reduce breakage from the inside out. Using the power of arginine, an amino acid that was derived from sugar beets helps to improve the elasticity of hair, while the guar derivations help to visibly thicken the hair.

The final step in the Invati line is the Invati Scalp Revitalizer (RRP $89.95). Designed as a daily, luxurious treatment for healthy, happy hair, it contains a blend of Vitamin E and Ayurvedic herbs to promote circulation through the scalp.

Everyone knows the most important part of hair care is the scent – the Invati line smells so good, with a rich and intoxicating blend of lavender, ylang ylang and warm, heady spices and we really loved the results using this range. Hair felt really light and fluffy without being flyaway and not to mention the added volume at the roots using the Scalp Revitalizer although we couldn’t get into the routine of using it twice a day, we’re a bit slack like that.

Available from Aveda salons, spas and stores now.

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