Book Review: Starstruck, Lauren Conrad

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Lauren Conrad has cemented herself a sugary sweet and ultra-wholesome place in our hearts. An ex-reality television star, Lauren branched out by releasing novels, first with her LA Candy series, and now the Fame Game series. Starstruck is her most recent release, following on from the titular Fame Game novel.

Starstruck picks up where the first novel left off. For first time Fame Game readers, picking up the characters and pre-existing plotlines wasn’t a challenge, and you’re quickly swept into the enchantingly toxic world of reality television.

The story centres on Madison Parker – one of the starlets who is a subject of the hottest reality television show The Fame Game. Madison has just learnt that fame won’t stand up against the law and now faces a lengthy and embarrassing community service stint at a local pet shelter. Madison’s story is woven in with her co-stars, Carmen who struggles promoting her own fledgling film career in the shadow of her mother’s fame and Kate – a gifted singer with a bad case of stage fright. But with television crews capturing their every move, the girls are learning the pitfalls of blurring reality with reality television.

The book is a surprising read – on the surface it is an easy read filled with cute clichés and simple language, but as the plot unfolds, the characters undergo great development and the audience get to enjoy watching Madison change and mature.

If that wasn’t enough, former reality star Lauren Conrad’s knowing insight into the manufactured world of ‘reality’ television is enough to keep the pages turning.

Available now: HarperCollins RRP$19.99


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