Pamper Your Feet With Essence’s “Show Your Feet Barefoot Beauties Collection”

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With summer just around the corner, we’re kicking off the boots and ballet flats and embracing our barefoot beauty. But with sandal season comes unsightly feet – cracked and rough heels, dry and chipped nails. To prevent any barefoot embarrassment, essence are releasing their Show Your Feet Barefoot Beauties Collection to help you to highlight your gorgeous feet, nails and legs for next to nothing!

Embrace the summer spirit with five new nail polishes. Pedicure your piggies in bright, vibrant colours that offer your nails excellent coverage and long lasting wear. Available in Purple Party, Green Lagoon, Underwater Love, Coral Me Beautiful and Kiss of the Mermaid. RRP $3.95.

While you’re pedicuring you’re feet, you’ll also want a little pampering. The super soft toe-seperator (RRP $2.29) adds just a tiny dash a salon style to your pedicure. The soft foam adapts to the shape of your toes, unlike traditional separators. It makes applying nail polish so easy that you won’t have an excuse for un-pedicured toes.

Wearing sandals often gives rise to that annoying ache between your toes. The toe protection gel stripes (RRP $4.95) are perfect way to soothe those sore feet. The transparent gel stripes wrap around the toe strap of your sandals or thongs and instantly reduce chaffing and soreness on your pressure points.

Limping around after a night out on stilettos is never a good sight, but the gel shoe pads are here to ease the damage (RRP $5.95). The transparent, soft gel pads slip into your shoe to give you better grip in your shoes and relief from pain. It stops pressure points, blisters and aching feet with special massage points to relieve tension. They can be worn in more than one pair of shoes too – simply rinse under clear water, place in the next pair of high heels and party on.

For beach babes at heart the ankle bracelet (RRP $5.95) is a perfect addition to their summer season. Accentuate your pampered legs and feet with a cute rope ankle bracelet, in summery shades of turquoise or violet. Sweet, Mediterranean theme pendants are a cute way to transport you to the beach, no matter where your day goes.

The “Show Your Feet Barefoot Beauties” collection is available in Target and Priceline stores now.

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