Bella Heathcote Talks Red Carpet Humilation in V Magazine’s #81 Spring 2013 Issue

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I’m completely enamored with Aussie beauty, Bella Heathcote, and lucky for us V Magazine has featured her in their #81 Spring 2013 issue as photographed at The Standard Hotel, Hollywood wearing Gucci and Emilio Pucci.

The Dark Shadows star who is on the promo trail for her new film “Not Fade Away” shared her humiliating red carpet moment at Cannes for Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows film, where she plays the love interest of Johnny Depp:

“Oh, yeah, I remember that,” she laughs with a hearty twang. “The Gucci people didn’t want me to move off the carpet because they wanted a shot of the dress, but the photographers wanted me to get the hell out of the way because they wanted pictures of the famous people. It was hysterical and humiliating, which is how I think it should be.”

She also shares:

Working with Johnny Depp [she’s discreet and was ‘firmly pressed’]:  “He has a dark sense of humor, he’s really generous, he’s really normal, and he doesn’t have any pretensions. Look, he’s just a nice guy, okay?”

Arriving in LA and the Audition Circuit: “This was the first script that stood out (Not Fade Away), and kept getting better and better with every read. It was a part I really wanted… It makes you feel anxious, a bit anxious, unresolved. And that’s what growing up feels like.”  [Not Fade Away Synopsis: The film is set in the 1960s, and Bella plays Grace, the pretty, popular girl living in a New Jersey suburb who dates the football player in high school but falls for the moody, broody rocker when they graduate and their real lives begin.]

On the Dark Shadows London premiere: “It felt like I was in Hunger Games. It was surreal and so full on, and I was in a state of shock. And then I had a drink. Remember, I’m Australian.”

Can’t wait to see more of Bella, she’s incredibly bewitching in Dark Shadows!

For more of Bella’s interview, you can visit V Magazine’s website.

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