Book Review: Only in Spain, Nellie Bennett

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Have you ever wanted to do something completely out of character?

Go on, be honest.

I know I have. Spontaneously book a trip, splurge on a decadent pair of shoes… I could go on.

Only in Spain follows this idea of chasing your dreams, if you only dare to. This memoir follows Nellie Bennett’s travels to Spain to learn flamenco dancing. After reading an advertisement in her local paper and deciding to take the leap and learn this passionate dance.

From here, it’s only a matter of time before her desire to go to “the homeland” of flamenco and learn from the professionals.

It sounds crazy enough – and that’s the essence of the message of Only in Spain. You have to be a little crazy and prepared to be thought as much to do what your heart desires. Which is exactly what Nellie is!

After enough of the monotony of Sydney, Nellie saves enough money from her retail job to visit Spain and learn the dance that has ignited her heart with passion.

After a relatively short stay in Spain, she realises that dancing is what she wants to do with her life. After “plodding along” in an aimless direction, Nellie believes she’s found her passion – her calling.

So while she must return to Sydney, due to lack of funds, her heart and head both know she’ll be back to Spain. It’s just a matter of when. So saving again and returning to her retail job, Nellie looks towards her next trip to Spain, where she really discovers who she is and what it is she wants from life – wherever that life may take her.

While I’ve never had the fortune of travelling to Spain, I felt a connection through Bennett’s writing. Her description of the cobble stone streets with orange blossoms makes it hard not to wish you were there.

So why don’t you take the leap and read Only in Spain – it may just lead you towards following your own dream…

Available now: Allen & Unwin RRP$27.99


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