Channel Your Oriental Style with Essence’s New Cherry Blossom Girl Collection

| 18 January , 2013 | Reply

Oriental beauty is a trend that has completely swept us away – and as always Essence are at the forefront with the release of their new Cherry Blossom Girl collection. The collection marries soft, subtle shades with the vibration yellows and red of a cherry blossom tree to create an intense and exciting look.

The collection contains a quattro eyeshadow palette (RRP $5.95) which blends subtle peach and nude shades with two intense and smouldering colours. The colours blend effortlessly together, and even the red shade, which at first glance appears daunting is stunningly wearable.

The 2in1 eyeliner (RRP $5.95) is a double ended product that allows you to create a multitude of exciting beauty looks. The texture of the eyeliner is a little watery, but it dries quickly, so you won’t have worries about smudging or smearing. The thick end creates gorgeous, bold looks, while the versatile thin-tipped end is perfect for delicate cat-eyes. Available in two shades.

The Paper Lashes (RRP $4.50) are a bold and exciting addition to the collection. Applied the same as you would false eyelashes, the paper lashes with their fluttery floral design would add a delightful quirky touch to any finished look although they’re not really me!

The lipstick pencil (RRP $3.50) is available in two shades, and provides an intense matte finish. You can choose between an ultra-wearable red, or a perfectly on-trend apricot shade.

The highlighter pen (RRP $4.95) is the peak of the collection. With a soft, luminous and creamy formula, the easy to apply highlighter pen adds a touch of natural radiance to your entire face, without being glittery or gritty.

The collection’s blush (RRP $5.95) blends two shades which meld effortlessly to the skin leaving you with a sweet rosy complexion.  The nail polish shades (RRP $3.50) celebrate the shades of Tokyo in full bloom – the warm yellow shade is by far the most stunning in this new collection – perfectly on-trend for this season.

Finally the collection includes the shimmering body powder (RRP $6.50). Subtly fragranced and with a soft luminous shimmer it is perfect for those showing off a little bare skin while the nights are still warm.

Available now exclusively from Priceline stores.


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