Book Review: Stage Fright, Marianne Delacourt

| 29 January , 2013 | 1 Reply

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The third book in the “Tara Sharp” series, “Stage Fright” by Marianne Delacourt chronicles Private Investigator Tara Sharp foray into the entertainment industry. Although the job is a little out of her usual line of work, the promise of backstage passes and the thought of “how hard can it really be?”, Tara accepts the opportunity to look after an allegedly difficult musician who’s currently on tour.

Tara is not just a regular Private Investigator, however, she has the gift of being able to read people’s auras and tell when she is being deceived, and using her talents she soon discovers her new job is not going to be as cut and dry as she initially believed.


The series is Australian, which makes for entertaining reading as landmarks and phrases are recognized. Beginning in Perth and mainly being set in ‘Brisvegas’, I also enjoyed that the novel went away from the overly popular settings of Sydney and Melbourne.

The characters in “Stage Fright” really help bring it to life, with a whole variation of personalities making appearances. None of the characters come across as two dimensional, all having believable characteristics and stories. Marianne Delacourt successfully subverts expected stereotypes when creating her characters to allow readers to gain fresh perspectives and thoughts on people.

Following Tara, her love interest Nick Tozzi, and all the colourful characters she meets along the way, “Stage Fright” is an entertaining journey through the Australian gangland underbelly, written in a refreshing and enjoyable way.

Despite not having read “Sharp Shooter” and “Sharp Turn”, I found I was able to thoroughly enjoy “Stage Fright”, and heartily recommend it to anyone looking for some entertaining crime fiction, or a well-written Australian novel.

Available now: Allen & Unwin RRP$19.99


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