Book Review: Two Weeks Notice, Rachel Caine

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For most people, dying is pretty permanent. For Bryn Davis, however, an experimental drug known as “Returne” gives her a second shot at life. But coming back to life is not the gift many would believe; after all, everything comes with a cost. Working at a funeral home and helping to run a support group for returne addicts, Bryn is being kept busy enough. But then members of the support group begin to disappear, and it is up to Bryn to discover whether the government, or some unknown threat, is behind it all.

The second novel in the “Revitalist” series, “Two Weeks’ Notice” by Rachel Caine is an interesting mystery read. While not the most sophisticated of novels, it does its job as a supernatural mystery for young adults. I haven’t read “Working Stiff”, the first novel in the series, and I can only feel that reading them in order would have heightened my experience.


I found Bryn to be an engaging main character, and her relationship with business partner Patrick McCallister was an interesting sub-plot. “Two Weeks’ Notice” is not a deep novel, but it’s entertaining, and not something that has been written a million times before.

If you’re into crime and mystery fiction, but don’t want the heaviness of many novels on the market, “Two Weeks’ Notice” is the perfect book. It would also make a great segue into the genre for those who are younger or new to it.

I would grab a copy of New York Times best selling “Working Stiff” to get acquainted with the story line, but then give “Two Weeks’ Notice” a go.

Available now: Penguin RRP$19.99


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