Book Review: The Lost Years, Mary Higgins Clark

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Mary Higgins Clark’s latest novel, The Lost Years, will have you turning the pages quickly.  Renowned biblical scholar Jonathon Lyons believes he has stumbled across the discovery of a lifetime when he finds a piece of parchment thought to be written by Jesus Christ himself. The parchment, believed to have been stolen five centuries previously from the Vatican library. Jonathon realizes the significance of his discovery, and therefore shares his findings with only a few closely trusted colleagues. However, he fears someone amongst the group may be looking to cash in on the discovery, and confides his worries with a family friend.

And then Jonathan is brutally murdered.

The Lost Years

His wife, a sufferer of severe Alzheimer’s, is found at the scene of the crime with the murder weapon in her hand. Despite her illness, she is aware of her husband’s longstanding affairs, and the police, feeling that is motive enough, charge her with the crime.

Now the only person who can unravel the true mystery is their 28 year old daughter Mariah.

The Lost Years is a gripping, suspenseful novel from master of mystery Mary Higgins Clark.

With twists and turns, The Lost Years is not just the story of a hunt for a lost biblical artifact, but a search for the ultimate truth.

It’s a novel that is sure to keep you captivated until the very last page.

Available now: Simon & Schuster RRP$29.99


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