We Chat to Cosentino About All Things Magical & His New DVD That You Have to Get

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Australia’s very own “Magic Man” Cosentino, The Grand Illusionist, who we all magically discovered on Channel 7 in 2011 as the runner-up on Australia’s Got Talent TV Show has released a DVD that features over 35 minutes of extra footage that hasn’t been seen on TV before!  This humble but confident 28 year old is capturing everyone’s attention and so he should and we had a chance to chat with ‘Cos’ about his journey so far and what’s coming up next!


Monique: Cos, how did this all start for you?

Cos: Well when I was a kid, I saw David Copperfield TV special and that was the first production that I had ever seen. Then I went to the library and borrowed magic books and taught myself and that was how I began my journey into magic.

Monique: Is David Copperfield still one of your favourites?

Cos: Oh, by far! I think he’s an absolute master at what he does.


Monique: So is that how it’s done? You have to find out information yourself because there’s a Magician’s Code isn’t there?

Cos: Yeah, there’s no real school of magic, so it’s pretty much experimenting. There are seven fundamentals of magic, like making things appear or disappear, so once you know these, it’s about rejigging them. You know, it’s a puzzle creating ideas and presentation, ensuring it’s creative.

Monique: What do you think about the Masked Magician who reveals the secrets?

Cos: The illusions and tricks he gives away don’t have an effect on what I do because we’re so far ahead of that. The issue I have is that he’s quite sexist towards his assistants, which is really old school. It’s a little bit degrading, magic has evolved since then. He often reveals the secrets but he doesn’t really give the skill. He gives away how things are done but it’s too simplified really.

Monique: There seems to be renewed interest in magicians, why do you think that is?

Cos: I think because it is so modernised. Magic, itself, is fascinating and it’s being done in such a different way. Even the skeptics like the illusion. No-one likes to be fooled but they like to be entertained and amazed. It’s great when you have that ‘wow’ feeling.


Monique: You really are at the top of your game in this in Australia. How does that feel?

Cos: Oh yeah, I am the first one here to have my own TV special and it’s the public and the fans that have really done it. They are so supportive and I’m so grateful. I am so lucky.

Monique: Did you ever think that Australia’s Got Talent would propel you here?

Cos: It’s great that I get to do what I love. I was so surprised and had no idea whether I would be embraced that day at the auditions. I have been working for 10 years already travelling around the country and for people to really get on board, it’s been a blessing.

Monique: So are you at home thinking of new ideas and concepts for your shows?

Cos: Definitely, always coming up with new ideas and ways to entertain the audience. Even on this new DVD, we had 35 minutes of extras that couldn’t be included on the TV show which is just the way it goes, but there’s so much extra there. I am always inventing new things and constantly creating.


Monique: Do you still get a buzz out of doing the shows?

Cos: It sounds cliché but I love it. I love looking out into the audience at this broad demographic from 5 – 85 and language isn’t a barrier. It’s so visual as an art form. It’s really seeing their faces that they’re in awe and shock. For example, when you appear or disappear, it’s so potent and powerful. I remember seeing that and feeling it as a kid and that’s what I enjoy creating – those special moments for everyone.

Monique: What do you think of Penn and Teller – would you ever want to be part of their show where you have to ‘trick’ them?

Cos: I think they’re great. With what I do, I’m not the guy who wants to fool other magicians. I am about entertaining, with costumes and showmanship. There’s a possibility I could go on the show but I do magic for the public the same way David Copperfield did.

Monique: What would be your dream gig?

Cos: There’s a couple. Every great magician would love to play Las Vegas! For actors, it’s LA and for Magicians, its Las Vegas. But my ultimate goal is to have my own show on Broadway, that’s what I dream about. I am enjoying every moment now but I am always constantly working towards these goals.


Monique: Which celebrity would you like to saw in half?

Cos: This could go two ways. Hmm… someone I like or don’t like? That could be fun. You know what? Seal! I reckon he would be great to saw in half ‘cause he seems like a really flamboyant character who would have a lot of fun with it!


Cos was amazing to chat with and extremely genuine about the art of magic. A true believer himself and an Aussie artist doing us proud, it was a pleasure to talk about his adventures. As he says, “Anyone can do tricks but very few people can perform magic!”

You need to get a copy of Cosentino’s television special on DVD called COSENTINO: THE GRAND ILLUSIONIST, it’s available now RRP$24.95 – go now before it disappears – I know I know, couldn’t help myself!


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