Book Review: Oh Dear Silvia, Dawn French

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Silvia Shute, central character of Oh Dear Silvia by Dawn French has lots of secrets. But she’s not sharing any of them.

It’s not because she doesn’t want to. She can’t. She’s in a coma.

The latest from comedic talent Dawn French, Oh Dear Silvia will make you cringe, laugh, sniffle and amazed all at once.

We meet Silvia through her family and friends as they visit her in hospital, while doctors try to do their best to revive her.


Sharing their stories and ultimately her own, The cast of characters are fantastic, each as different as could possibly be. Yet with one common link, Silvia, they all come together. The timing in which the story unravels is perfect, slowly but surely we learn more about Silvia and those surrounding her. I did find the chapters dedicated to  Jamaican character – Winnie, the nurse at the hospital rather difficult given that it’s written as it would be spoken.

We’re taken on a journey through Silvia’s wicked past and ultimately as varied as the characters that share her story, we realised that there a many sides to a woman who was a lost soul, even prior to the accident that sent her into a coma.

Without saying a word, Silvia takes us on an emotional ride and Dawn French has been able create a novel which may leave you questioning the relationships in your own life and how they’re all connected.

Available now: Penguin RRP $29.99


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