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Rating: 3/5

Bradley Cooper stars in this great, complex and thinking drama about the price of the truth. Following the story of Rory Jansen, a down-on-his-luck author, The Words is the movie of a book within a book. The movie open on Clay Hammond (Dennis Quaid) reading a passage from his latest novel. As Clay reads, the action unfolds on the screen and we watch Rory (Cooper) struggle to create his own literary masterpiece. He is a struggling author and failing to make ends meet for his beloved girlfriend. Discouraged he takes on a job in a publishing house and his writing career is swept aside. He marries and honeymoons in Paris, and life carries on.

Later, on his way to work, Rory discovers an envelope in the vintage leather briefcase his wife had bought in Paris. The envelope contains a manuscript that tells the tale of an epic romance in wartime Paris. Struck by its beauty and his own frustration, Rory retypes the entire manuscript word-for-word.


Rory intends for that to be the end of the story, however when his wife finds and reads the copy on his computer, he is compelled to seek out a publisher. In a sudden whirlwind, publisher’s adore his work and the book is an instant bestseller.

For Rory, life continues on, now as the darling of the literary world. His life glows with potential and with renewed vigour he begins to write again.

However, Rory’s perfect life is abruptly shattered one day when an old man (Jeremy Irons) approaches him in the park, revealing himself as the true author of the manuscript, telling the tale of his real-life love story.

This tension is interspersed with scenes of the narrator, Clay Hammond and bright-eyed grad student Daniella (Olivia Wilde) discussing the origins of his novel.

The movie is quite complex and the slipping between three separate stories is often frustrating. The plot develops quite slowly due to the stopping and starting to cut back to Clay’s narration. Despite this, the movie is incredibly enjoyable with the perfect amount of quiet, simmering tension and the most jaw-clenching surprise ending.

Available today: DVD RRP$39.95 and Blu-Ray RRP$49.95.


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