Book Review: The Wrath of Angels, John Connolly

| 18 February , 2013 | Reply

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If there is one theme that is common to most of the characters (bad guys) in this book – it’s evil. Pure evil.

The Wrath of Angels is sure to be a delight to people who love crime thrillers, I did too until I started reading it at night and found myself glancing over my shoulder frequently or jumping at every creak and squeak – if you scare easy like me, stick to reading this book during the day. This book definitely classifies as crime-horror. The author assumes that readers are already familiar with the characters and previous storylines as he only provides brief flashbacks into the pasts and stories of the main characters. I think the author has crammed in too many characters in this plot to the extent that it left me feeling a little confused about all these people. He has also made every twist and turn as frightening as possible.


The book centres around fallen angels – those who were banished by God from heaven and are wreaking hell on earth all the time believing they are following a higher, ancient order. The angels don’t hold back from torture or murder to get what they want, a list of those people who have made some type of bargains with the baddies in exchange for something either money, fame or protection of their secrets. This list is onboard a mysterious plane which crashed into a forest in Maine next to a creepy fort, which everyone is looking for along with a ghost of a little girl, wandering the forest for a companion, thrown in to make things scarier!

I have not yet read a book with the baddies outnumbering the good guys by a large number but before you pick up this book, might be worthwhile to read the previous books in order to follow the story. Just don’t read it late at night!

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