Our Love for Coconut Water Just Got Deeper with the Release of Pete Evans’ Natural Raw C Coconut Water

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We’ve told you before just how much we love coconut water, we add it to our smoothies, our baking and of course as a refreshing treat on its own, we just can’t get enough of it.  And excitingly a new brand of Coconut Water has hit our shelves and has celebrity chef and Organic “grocer” Pete Evans as not only the face of the brand but co-owner.

Natural Raw C, a 100% Natural Raw Coconut Water, with less sugar than other brands, is sourced from seven month old green coconuts from Thailand and contains no preservatives and is not a concentrate.


Pete Evans shared with us his excitement at joining the Natural Raw C team:

“I’m thrilled to be part of Natural Raw C as a joint owner. What won me over was not only the great health benefits associated with coconut water but also the great taste and the kids love it too. I drink it in the afternoon as a pick me up and throw it into a smoothie to give it a natural sweet taste. Coconut water can also be used for cooking rice to give it a nutty flavour or try substituting coconut milk for coconut water in soups as Natural Raw C has no fat in it.”

Now that the coconut water craze is sweeping the world, demand is high. Coconut water is packed with magnesium, calcium and even potassium.

Despite the low sugar content, this coconut water tastes great –  in fact, it doesn’t taste any different from the coconut water you’ve come to love and still makes a great hydrating drink.

The coconut water come in a screw top 330mL container – handy for people on the go – and we are in love with the new 1L tetra packs, for the fridge at home!

Coconut_Water_Raw_CCoconut water is a great addition to some tasty healthy recipes and we love adding it to our shakes, our favourite shake contains:

  • Handful of frozen berries (any berries, we use blueberries and raspberries)
  • 1/2 cup of organic full fat yoghurt
  • A splash of Coconut Water (we don’t like our smoothies too thick)
  • A couple of shakes of Cinnamon powder
  • Six drops of Stevia liquid
  • Tablespoon of Chia Seeds
  • Tablespoon Coconut Oil (add this in at the end once it’s all been blitzed otherwise the coconut oil hardens)

To learn more you can visit their website: www.rawc.com.au.  And you can read our Coconut Water story we wrote last year here.

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