Introducing New KRAFT Peanut Butter With No Added Sugar or Salt Versions

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In recent years, as the low fat diet craze swept the world, peanut butter got swept to the bottom of everyone’s grocery lists but now that good saturated fats are making a resurgence we are once again embracing peanut butter and the goodness it can offer us as a nourishing snack.

But let’s go back to the beginning quickly shall we?  As humans, we have been making peanut butter for more than 500 years. History shows records of the Aztecs making their own version of peanut butter, by mashing peanuts into a gritty paste. These days, we’ve evolved a little and we’ve got peanut butter recipes down pat.

And let’s just clarify now, while “nut” is in their name, peanuts are in fact legumes just like peas and beans. Peanuts grow underground, unlike other nuts such as walnuts and almonds that grow on trees.


Many people shy away from peanut butter because it is so calorically dense. With as many as 100 calories per tablespoon in some brands, peanut butter sounds like a nonsensical health food option. However in recent years, nutritionists have re-discovered that peanut butter contains good fats that can be beneficial to us.

Peanut butter is packed with mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and fibre, which helps you feel fuller longer; and adding some peanut butter to your day will help keep the hunger pains at bay because good fats keep us feeling fuller for longer.

Peanut butter also contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential to balanced health such as folic acid, magnesium and Vitamin E, essential for glowing skin and strong nails and hair. And interestingly, peanut butter has been found to contain niacin. Recent studies have shown niacin has the potential to protect our brains against Alzheimer’s disease, so a spoonful of peanut butter is not such a silly idea.  Peanut butter is also one of the lowest GI foods available, so it will raise your blood sugar levels slowly and release the energy gradually, getting us off that energy high and low rollercoaster.


The biggest issue with peanut butter is that many of the commercial brands readily available in our supermarket aisles are filled with added salt, sugars and preservatives which immediately make the treat unhealthy and in many cases inhibit the consumption of the good vitamins and minerals. That’s why KRAFT’s newest offering, with no added sugars or salt, is a good selection choice from the supermarket.

We are happy to see a large commercial company listening to consumers and jumping on the health bandwagon by eliminating added sugars and salt from their products.  The new, natural formula with no added colours, flavours or preservatives makes it easy to get behind the brand and indulge in a healthy guilt free treat.

The Kraft No Added Sugar Or Salt Peanut Butter is made with Hi Oleic peanuts (91% of the product is made from these peanuts). These naturally created peanuts have a different oil chemistry to their ordinary counterparts. They taste exactly the same, but their fatty acids have a similar pattern to olive oil, another fantastically healthy monounsaturated fat. Hi Oleic peanuts are more stable, so they have a longer shelf life without all the preservatives, while helping to deliver doses of healthy fats to your body (source).

Kraft_No_Added_Sugar_Peanut_Butter_PanelsAnd if you are like us watching your intake of vegetable fats (we have a preference for coconut and olive oils) the new Kraft Peanut Butters contain small amounts of added peanut oil and sustainable palm oil – for us it would have been preferable not to add the additional oils BUT we are so happy to see the change in direction for consumers with the types of oils used by KRAFT and the addition of the oils is small so the impact is not as great.

KRAFT’s Peanut Butter No Added Sugar or Salt is available now (325gm RRP$4.54) in Smooth and Crunchy varieties in supermarkets across Australia.

And stay tuned we’ll be showing you how we add peanut butter to our daily lives in some upcoming posts, seriously it’s easy and it’s so yummy!

Please note: I was paid for this story but all words are my own. As you know I’ve been on the I Quit Sugar campaign for 16 months now and embrace all positive changes to our foods especially when Big Business is listening to its consumers.

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