Book Review: Cold Grave, Kathryn Fox

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Dr Anya Chrichton is on a cruise with her six year old son and ex-husband, attempting to bridge the gap between America and Australia. Soon after they arrive there is a suspicious death of a teenage girl, with a strong possibility of drugs and sexual assault. Instinct takes over for her and her ex-husband, he tries to revive her using his nursing skills and Anya, determined to discover what really happened to the young girl, uses her status as a forensic physician to assist in an investigation. What was meant to be a relaxing holiday spent bonding with her son turns into an in depth investigation, working with the on board officers and communicating with outside sources to aid her. Soon after, a crew member is shot in the knee caps and more cases of sexual assault come to light.


Questioning the loyalties of every person she meets, Anya becomes suspicious and paranoid of every single thing that occurs around her. Romance is rekindled between her and her ex-husband, her son decides that spending time with other kids is more fun, all while trying to deal with an investigation.

Kathryn Fox is a medical practitioner and author living in Sydney, using her passion and skills to write fantastic literature in the international forensic genre as well as helping to promote health and literacy in remote and Indigenous communities. Cold Grave is Fox’s sixth novel, with her books having been translated into over a dozen languages. Cold Grave continues the story of Anya Chrichton and continues to display Fox’s talent for thriller writing. Each chapter presents a new mystery and keeps the reader guessing. Cold Grave is definitely not one for those with delicate stomachs, however it is perfect for crime lovers such as myself.

Available now: Pan Macmillan RRP$27.99


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