Book Review: Aussie Body Diet & Detox Plan, Saimaa Miller

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There’s something about the Aussie beach body that we all crave. Anyone who’s spent a Saturday morning on the beach will know the bodies we’re talking about – glowing tans, lean, toned limbs, carefree, sunny smiles. Their enthusiasm for the surf, the sun and their lives is so infectious, that you can’t help but want to capture just a little bit of that spirit even if it’s not truly realist for everyone to look that way.

That’s where Saimaa Miller’s new book comes in. Saimaa has just written a new 14 day detox plan for Aussies, designed to make you look, and feel, your best.


Saimaa opens the book with a wonderful chapter on the foundations you’ll need to see change. She provides a no nonsense guide that includes advice on hydration, exercise, goal setting and embracing a positive, stress free mindset. She recognises that importance of changing your mind, before you can even begin to change your body.

The book then delves into the 14 day plan that will reset and alkalise your body. The recipes are the best, and possibly most surprising part of the book. Saimaa’s recipes are honest, hearty meals – so good you won’t even realise you’re detoxing. From chicken curries, to warm and wholesome soups, you’ll never go hungry or feel deprived.

The best thing about the recipes is that the book uses whole foods – fresh and bursting with nutrition, you can almost taste the goodness jumping off the pages. There’s no processed ingredients in this book, but that doesn’t make the recipes complicated. They’re easy to incorporate into your day to day life, and your body will thank you for it.

If you’re New Year’s resolutions have already fallen by the wayside, this book is the easiest way to jump back on the bandwagon, and give your life a new boost.

Available now: Penguin RRP$35.00 and you can visit Saimaa’s website for lots more inspiration and book into her Spa, The Last Resort:


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