Book Review: Design Your Home, Shaynna Blaze

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It’s something of a classic Australian dream to buy a house, and to make it your own personal castle. We watch renovation programs religiously and we scribble down ideas – but how often do we ever actually carry them out? Shaynna Blaze, known and loved for her work on The Block and Selling Houses Australia has just released a book to help you finally turn that dream into a reality – if you’re watching The Block All Stars at the moment, you’ll notice that she’s been very tough judge this year but you can understand why when you read her book!

Design Your Home is a gorgeous, glossy coffee table book – we say that because you will have it out at hand to flick through for ideas all the time and we don’t have a home to renovate at the moment – bursting with ideas to get you started on your re-designing plans. The book takes you through your dream home, a chapter for each room, providing solutions and inspiration alongside genuinely helpful advice. The book contains so much information from designing the most space efficient and accessible pantry to what outdoor furniture to pick if you like entertaining big crowds.


What we loved the most about this book is how practical all the advice is. All too often when you flick through home design magazines the photos are gorgeous but completely unlivable – homes are meant to be homes not museums we reckon. Seriously, how could you and your family live in a perfectly pristine home filled with sharp angles and edges especially when you have kids? Shaynna’s advice makes perfect sense and she provides down-to-earth ideas that would suit any budget.

Even if you’re not in the market for redecorating your home right now, the book is filled with photos that are so gorgeously shot that simply flipping through the book and admiring the photographs is more than enough to get the inspiration flowing.

We truly cannot recommend this book enough, go on out the door you go!

And for more inspiration you can visit Shaynna’s website for her latest news and more design ideas here:

Available now: Penguin RRP$39.99.

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