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How did we get to this place? What am I talking about? The epidemic of ill health that is killing us via obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and allergies. It’s because we didn’t take ownership of our own health, we just let the government and advisory bodies tell us what we should be eating without questioning it and now look at us, we’re fat and sick.  But the good thing now is it is reversible and we have so much educative options available to us from advocates who cared about their health enough to now help us care about our own and help us make changes. Advocates who aren’t paid monies to support guidelines that make us sick.

As you know, I’ve been banging on about not eating sugar and seed oils and moving to a wholefoods way of life for sometime now, I gave up sugar and seed oils 17 months ago now (and shed 15 kgs) and my health hasn’t been better, and I’m so grateful for advocates like Christine Cronau, Sarah Wilson and David Gillespie (all Aussies by the way) who have helped me get my health back. I have purchased all their books and have been wading my way through the plethora of evidence they have provided and many other international advocates that clearly shows we are on a downhill run to killing ourselves if we don’t make changes to the way we eat.


I cannot reiterate the importance of educating yourself about nutrition – between what the advertisements on TV scream at you, what you see on the supermarket shelves and what you read in magazines, it just seems like it’s all too complicated sometimes. But David Gillespie is helping to cut through all the noise with his no-nonsense, eye-opening, factual guides to the processed food industry with the release of his latest book Toxic Oil. We cannot stress enough the importance of getting this book and picking up his other book Sweet Poison and/or Sweet Poison Quit Plan to go with Toxic Oil.

So what’s Toxic Oil about? This is the follow up in-depth guide to his Big Fat Lies and it exposes the myths around ‘Vegetable Oil’ and how they have completely flooded our food chain (it is in everything) and our bodies are swimming in too much omega-6 fatty acids and that’s slowly killing us alongside the over abundance of fructose.

Our vegetable oils are not made from veggies they are made from seeds (that in itself is a telling ‘lie’ straight out of the gate). The seed oils include; canola, sunflower, soybean, grapeseed and rice bran oils. You will be familiar with them because we have been told they are good for us for years but they’re not and David takes you through his evidence that excess seed oils can not only cause cancer and heart disease but also damage our eyes and immune system. Sounds far fetched but David’s compelling arguments will have you scanning your pantry ASAP.  And don’t get me wrong, we do need polyunsaturated fatty acids in our diets but just not so much. We need approx. 1.5gms of omega-3ALA and similar of Omega-6 ALA (there is no evidence to suggest we could eat between 3-6gms per day) but we’re eating on average about 22gms a day.

The saturated and monosaturated fats we should be eating include; coconut, olive, avocado and macadamia oils, butter, lard, ghee and duck fat and of course saturated fats from our meats, yes we can eat the fat on our meat.

Reading Toxic Oil is not for the faint hearted, but it is a must-read if you’re looking out for your health and want to make the best decision that you can make about your health. He opens with the words ‘Vegetable oil makes you exceeding vulnerable to cancer. Every mouthful of vegetable oil you consume takes you one step closer to a deadly (and irreversible) outcome’. From there, he takes you through a fantastically researched and frank book that exposes the dangers of seed oils – what they’re doing to our health and just how they got into our food in the first place (I read it in two days like I have his other books because he writes so well).

He explains some very complex science with such clarity that an ordinary person like me who doesn’t have a degree in nutrition can take away the message – we need to change our thinking and take action about the way we eat.  Perhaps the most worrying statistic was research that suggests that our diets are making our children sicker before they’re even born. David explains that there has been a five-fold increase in the appearance of allergies, especially to peanuts and tree nuts in children aged 0-4 and that factor could be traced back to their mother’s diets – horrifying to say the least!

One of the greatest aspects of this book is David is Australian – so all of his supermarket and product specific advice is aimed directly at what you are bound to have on your pantry shelves. He recommends brands that are lower in sugar and seed oils and offers suggestions for easing your way into this new way of thinking. There’s even a section on what to pack in your children’s lunch boxes – kid friendly snacks that will keep them energised, excited, and healthy throughout the school day. He recognises that we lead busy lives and it’s not possible to live completely without some form of processed foods in our lives, so this is where the book is really valuable. You will find though once you start making changes you won’t purchase as much at the supermarket and you won’t need to because your body is working like it’s supposed to so you’re not in a constant state of hunger!

I’m sure you’ll find David’s research eye-opening and overwhelming, but by the time you’re done you’ll be willing to give this a go. I’ve read all of David’s books – Sweet Poison, Big Fat Lies and the Sweet Poison Quit Sugar Plan (as well as all of Sarah’s I Quit Sugar Books/e-books and Christine Cronau’s The Fat Revolution Series) and they are my bibles.  In a topic like this educating yourself is so essential and the more you know the more you can do to begin taking steps to take care of you and your family’s health. Don’t be overwhelmed, just start with one small change at a time, you’ll be grateful and won’t know yourself down the track! Take back that control, if we don’t have good health, we won’t have anything.

And exciting hot off the press news, keep an eye out for an upcoming documentary from David!

Available now: Penguin RRP$29.99 and you can visit David’s website to purchase all of his books at:

Seriously run out the door right now and pick up a copy, your health depends up on it.

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