How We Enjoyed KRAFT’s New No Added Sugar & Salt Peanut Butter Part 2

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So by now, you’re more than aware of how great peanut butter can be for you and your family. You’ve got breakfast in the bag, but now you’re ready for something more.  Today we’ve concocted three more recipes to keep the benefits rolling, from your lunchbox right through the laying dinner on the table. The best part is these recipes are easy and can be whipped together in a flash by even the busiest person.


Peanut Butter and Banana Wrap

If you’re preparing lunches, for yourself or your kids, you’re probably a little tired of the old PB sandwich routine. This recipe takes the classic staple and adds a new twist, packed with wholegrain goodness.


  • 1 wholegrain wrap
  • 1 medium banana
  • Crunchy peanut butter


  1. Spread the wrap out flat, and spread the peanut butter thickly over it, being sure to reach all the edges
  2. Place the peeled banana on one edge of the wrap, and begin to roll
  3. Tuck the edges (just like a burrito) and dig in.

The greatest thing about this recipe is that it’s easy to customise – you can throw extra bits and pieces into the wrap before rolling it, to change up the flavour. We love adding sultanas or substituting the banana with sweet and juicy strawberries. The wrap is super portable, and if you tuck the edges tightly, it’ll hold in a Ziploc bag all day long.


Peanut Butter Fruit Dip

Now you’re home from work and you have the munchies. You only want something light – dinner isn’t that far away, but you need to eat now. Don’t reach for the packet of Tim Tams just yet – this dip is the perfect afternoon snack that takes only a moment to whip together.


  • 1 tablespoon of smooth peanut butter
  • 1 tablespoon of plain Greek Yoghurt
  • Sweetener of your choice (we used Stevia, but raw organic honey would work just as well)
  • Sliced fruit of your choice


  • Mix the peanut butter, yoghurt and sweetener together until it forms a smooth, creamy paste.
  • Arrange sliced fruit around it and dip the pieces of fruit into the mixture.

The dip tastes especially good with apples and strawberries, but just about any fruit would work. For a change, try dipping celery in it, or even carrot sticks. The possibilities are just about endless, and it’s worth trying a whole range of combinations to see what you really love.


Peanut Butter Satay Noodles

You’ve had the longest day, and you want dinner on the table right now. The concept of cooking is just about unbearable, and you’re ready to dial the nearest delivery place. Not so fast – this final recipe takes less than 5 minutes to prepare from start to finish – so you’ll be sitting down to a nutritious, wholesome meal before you could even place your order.


  • 2 tablespoons crunch peanut butter
  • Dash of salt reduced soy sauce
  • 1 teaspoon minced garlic
  • 1 teaspoon minced ginger
  • Chilli paste/chilli flakes
  • Sesame oil (optional)
  • Noodles of your choice (we used organic soba noodles – buckwheat is really good for you, but udon noodles taste great with this too)


  1. Melt the peanut butter until it is soft and runny
  2. Add in the soy sauce, garlic, ginger, chilli and sesame oil
  3. Prepare the noodles according to their package (you can buy precooked udon noodles if you’re pressed for time, and soba noodles only take three minutes soaking in boiling water)
  4. Drain the noodles, and pour the sauce over the noodles
  5. Toss the sauce and the noodles until they are properly combined

What I love about this recipe is how quick it is. If you have a few more minutes up your sleeve add some stir fry veggies or some steamed broccoli for an extra nutritional boost. The dish makes a great main meal, but can also be served as a side, or on a platter if you’re going to a BYO party. If you omit the noodles, the sauce also tastes amazing over rice or chicken.

We have given you a whole host of recipes from quick and easy breakfasts right through to effortless dinners, so now there’s really no reason to not give peanut butter a second chance.

In case you missed them, you can read our How We Enjoyed Peanut Butter story part one here and introduction about the new No Sugar & No Salt Added Peanut story here.


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