We Chat to Kris Smith about Fashion, Cooking and Girls in Beanies!

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Kris Smith is Jennifer Hawkins ‘other half’ during their day job as Brand Ambassadors for Myer and they were working the catwalk last week (February 28th) for Myer’s Autumn/Winter 2013 Fashion Show, held at Mural Hall at Myer in Melbourne.

Kris’ down to earth masculine brand of sexiness and cheeky sense of humour is the perfect match for Myer and we were lucky to go backstage to chat to Kris about Fashion, Cooking, the Importance of Giving Back and Girls in Beanies, yep you read that right, girls in beanies!


Bronny:  You’re going onto your fifth year as the male face of Myer! How does that feel?

Kris: Nearly 4, I started 2009, it’s a five year contract and I’m here to the end of the year! Hopefully longer. I actually never thought I’d be doing this for a living, if you’d told me I’d be doing this for a living I would have told you you’re a bit crazy. I never once would have imagined this would be my life but I’m so glad it is. I’m having such great fun. And these days they’re always incredible they keep you anticipating what’s going to happen, what the sets are going to look like and you you catch up with people you see once, twice a year so yeah they’re always good.

Bronny:  Tell us about your favourite trends for this Autumn/Winter 2013 season?

Kris: I’m a secret geek, I love the preppy look the ivy league look, the bow tie, the check sweaters, the blazers. The real tight silhouettes and nice fitting tapered pant at the bottom. I’m a European still, at heart, even though I live in Australia, so I love to wear cino’s and brogues or slip ons with no socks. I think it’s great and it’s gradually coming in, because I’ve been doing it for the past twelve months and everyone was like ‘no socks? Don’t your shoes stink? What’s wrong with you’. But if you can kind of get a couple of good pairs and rotate them, you can avoid that problem. I’m a big fan of denim. I must have in excess of 60 or 70 jeans. I’m not a fan of the Canadian tuxedo as they call it, which is the all denim outfit. But there are some great looks out there coming into Autumn/Winter now and this is really the chance to experiment and layer up with hoodies, jackets and scarves.

Bronny:  What three things should guys be putting into their wardrobes this season?


  1. A great blazer, you can dress it up or down, wear it casual, put a tie with it, you could even have t-shirt scarf, there are so many great things you can do with a great universal blazer
  2. Great shoes, I’m a sucker for good shoes, if you’re going to have good shoes, make sure they’re good quality shoes, and same with sneakers, and make sure they’re clean … I can’t stand dirty sneakers
  3. And something that my Dad always wore when I was a kid, and I always swore I never would – Cino’s. I used to be the annoying little one that would run up to my Dad and shake his leg when he was at the urinal to make him pee on his cream cino’s and so everyone could see! It’s just my warped sense of humour! You know what boys are like! I was 28 at the time (laughing). But now I have them in every color. But cino’s I love them, all bright colors, and especially in Melbourne they’re known for wearing black. At Myer here, they’ve got the Country Road cino’s and they’re in so many colors, they’re in mint, blue, ivy, maroon, yellow and mustard, so many colors. So if you’re still comfortable wearing black on top, perfect.


Bronny:  Can you tell us some key tips from a male’s perspective on what women should and shouldn’t do when dressing for men?

Kris: Black leather pants! Very kinky, you didn’t expect that! But yeah, stretch leather pants are going great guns and again very similar because you can dress them up down, singlet blouse, casual shirt, denim shirt, you can wear them with military boots, thongs, there are so many different ways you can dress up a pair of stretch leather pants. Leather is obviously making another massive come back and don’t forget a leather jacket.

Bronny:  What are some of your favourite looks for women?

Kris: I love to see a woman dressed fairly casually, ie. military boots, tight fitting jeans, leather stretch pants, a cool casual top and beanies, big knitted beanies! I’m weird, sounds like I’m weird and I’ve gotta agree with you (laughing), I just think there is something really sexy about a woman who can rock that!

Bronny:  You’ve been doing a bit of television presenting in both fashion and sprt. Is this something you’d like to do more of? If so, what would be your dream gig?

Kris: TV is something I definitely want to do more of, I really am fascinated by the way it all works and it’s a real adrenalin buzz, especially live TV, so The Project I do quite a bit of work with and Can of Worms, I’ve been on there a couple of times and I’m going on again. My dream role would be something along the lines of sport because I’m an ex player and I’ve still got a passion for sport and I love it and I pretty much live it every game like I’m still playing it, that keeps me sane. So anything down the line of commentating, reporting on games, speaking on a panel that talks about the team activities.

Bronny:  In my experience, guys from the UK seem to be much more interested in fashion. When you began working in the world of fashion did you already have an interest or is it something you’ve grown to love. And what are the differences between the attitude to men’s fashion between here and the UK?

Kris: I did kind of have an interest in fashion, but I based my life in track suit bottoms and training gear. So it was a new thing and it was also fashion I was experimenting with. I just knew what I liked. I think the difference between Europe and Australia, a lot of parts of Australia are warm all year round, so that keeps you to a bare minimum. Girls can layer up with sarongs, maxi dresses, flarey skirts and really accessorise, guys it can often be a little bit more difficult. And a lot of international and European Designers are a lot more affordable there – so that could be in isolation. The good thing about here is that there are so many great Australian Designers so you don’t necessarily have to look outside of them to find something great. And I think, a lot of Aussie guys can seem like real Aussie guys and not want to branch out because of what their mates will say or how they think they’ll look. They can be a little scared of change, but I’m no different, I came from a rugby league background and was often skeptical about wearing certain things. I pulled on a red velvet blazer before which I’d never thought I’d see and I loved it. I really really loved it! Arthur Galan gave it to me to wear in an interview and I think we kept it!


Bronny:  You’ve recently had a stint on the cooking show Celebrity Come Dine With Me! How was that experience? What was the best aspect of the experience?

Kris: Although I’ve watched the show many times and I really enjoy it (the UK version) and I’d never hosted a dinner party before, I’d only ever been to about three, so I said yes to the show excited that I’d seen the show and I thought I think this could be a really good thing, I think I could do alright. When it came down to it, I think my party was quite terrible, my cooking which I found not much preparation time which gave the camera crew quite a lot to make up and one or two things were out of the packets like the custard and things were out of the tin. I’d like to say I was like Masterchef but no. As a show it was really great fun – really good fun and I met some great people.

Bronny:  Do you love cooking? What would be your all time favorite dish you love to cook and share?

Kris: I love cooking! No I actually do like cooking but for a dinner party you have to cook something quite special and my eating habits are quite plain, I eat a lot of brown rice, chicken, fish, steak. There is nothing exciting in there. There is nothing really wild. So my concept throughout come dine with me was an English theme! We kept it prawn cocktail, bangers and mash and mushy peas and custard. I thought I could bring a taste of England to Australia – but it failed me.

Bronny:  What five people would you love to have to dinner one night?

Kris: I would love to sit around and shoot the breeze with Mohammad Ali, Tiger Woods, Mila Kunis, Richard Branson and Bill Gates.

Bronny:  Tell us about the importance of being involved with charities? I read that you’ve been involved in charities like Genes for Jeans, how did that come about and why was it important to support?

Kris: I try to spread my charity work around as much as I can and I feel I do a lot. I’d happily do this every day of my life because it gives me such gratitude and makes me realize how fortunate not only how I am but my whole family. My parents, my son and it makes you then think not everybody is as fortunate or even as nearly as fortunate as you are. So I’m in kind of a position now where I can help out. The Challenge Foundation – I’m an Ambassador there. The Febfast Challenge, I just finished that today, helping young Australian’s with drug and alcohol addiction. Jean’s for Gene’s, I do the Blue September for the prostate. A couple of NRL Rugby League Legends have autistic children and they now have charities that help them and I’ve been up there and helped them with that. I’ve kind of based mine around the children’s charities, because there’s lots of help out there for all kinds of charities, but I relate the most to the children’s charities.


Bronny:  What mantra do you live by on a daily basis?

Kris: Live every day like it’s your last.

Bronny:  What goals have you set yourself for the next couple of years? Will we see a fashion collaboration maybe?

Kris: My goals are to secure a great future in what I do. Save some money for once and not spend it every time I get it. Just be the best person I can be.  A fashion collaboration? Absolutely. Would love to, I’m in early talks with someone about doing that. Because I’m quite an odd shape at times, so I find things really hard to fit me unless I get them altered. So if I could cater for more different shapes that would be lovely.

And with that he trotted off to get ready for rehearsals with the Myer gang, oh so dreamy he is!

In case you missed it, you can check out our story on the Fashion Show here, our interview with Jennifer Hawkins here and of course the black carpet arrivals here.


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